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“We’re Not Going to Be In a Position Where We Can Pick Off Any Member of Leadership” – Liz Cheney Reveals Shameless Double-Standard After GOP Caucus Vote

Posted on 05 February 2021

Republican lawmakers voted 145 to 61 on Wednesday in a secret ballot to keep the Trump-hater in leadership.

This was such a slap in the face of the base of the Republican Party who voted legitimately for President Trump.

But the Republicans in leadership didn’t care much for President Trump and may GOP “leaders” actively worked against him throughout his time in office.

Republican elites like McConnell, McCarthy and Pence didn’t like what the President was doing.  They were content trying to make Democrats happy.  They could not care less about Making America Great Again.

A majority of Americans who legitimately voted for President Trump in the 2020 election believe he won legitimately.  They don’t believe a man who couldn’t fill 12 circles at a campaign event could beat the man who had more votes than any candidate in history up to this election.  But the facts don’t matter to Democrats or Republican elites.  They hate American greatness and President Trump.  We want to make America great and they hate us for it.

Liz Cheney decided it was in the country’s and the Republican Party’s best interest to vote to impeach the President on made-up charges.  She believes Trump supporters are violent.  Just look at all the broken glass and murders at Trump events over the past few years (i.e. none)!  Another group, Antifa, was at the Capitol that day and was involved in damaging property and instigating riots but that doesn’t matter.  Elites hate Trump.

So Liz Cheney voted to impeach Trump.  They later she is challenged for being a leader and for taking such unpopular and outrageous stand.  A vote is then called and the Republican lawmakers support Cheney in a secret ballot and she survives.

Cheney spoke to reporters after the vote and took a swipe at her Republican detractors.  Cheney voted to impeach Trump and gave Democrats their talking points during their sham impeachment hearing.  Republican voters LOVE Trump and are disgusted with Liz Cheney’s actions.

Liz Cheney: We really had a terrific vote tonight, a terrific time this evening. Laying out what we’re going to do moving forward as well as making it clear that we’re not going to be divided and that we’re not going to be in a situation where people can pick off any member of leadership.

91% of Republican voters would vote for President Trump again today.
Only 13% of Wyoming Republicans would vote for Liz Cheney again.
Republican lawmakers could not care less.

Cheney doesn’t believe Republicans should be able to pick off members of leadership?  But didn’t she just vote for impeaching President Trump in a slapdash impeachment on trumped up charges? 

This is why Americans hate the elites.

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