BARRICADES GOING UP IN CLAYTON, MO – Around County Police HQ – Choppers in Sky

Posted on 22 November 2014

Happening now in downtown Clayton, Missouri– Barricades going up around St. Louis County Police HQ. @FOX2now — George Sells (@GeorgeSells) November 22, 2014 Barricades going up around county buildings in Clayton. The barricades are going up around St. Louis … Continue reading

MO State Senator Nasheed Has Gun Put to Her Head at Her House

Posted on 22 November 2014

Vocal Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed has been a regular at the Ferguson protests. In October Jamilah Nasheed was arrested in Ferguson, Missouri. She was drunk and packing heat. Nasheed sat in the street and wouldn’t move. Via Twitchy: Last … Continue reading

#Ferguson Protesters Erupt – Scream “F*ck You!” and “Honkey!” at Police Officers (Video)

Posted on 22 November 2014

Protesters gathered outside the Ferguson Police Department headquarters on Thursday night. At least two protesters were arrested. Video from last night of protester being pepper sprayed during arrest. #ferguson (Caution:language) — Alexis Zotos (@alexiszotos) November 22, 2014 The protesters … Continue reading

Koskinen Lied – 30,000 Lois Lerner Emails Recovered by IRS Inspector General

Posted on 22 November 2014

The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved: Hundreds of conservative groups were targeted At least 5 pro-Israel groups Constitutional groups Groups that criticized Obama administration At least two pro-life groups An 83 year-old Nazi concentration camp survivor A 180 year-old Baptist … Continue reading

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NBC: Unsigned Michael Sam Would’ve Been ‘NIghtmare Situation’ for NFL

With less than an hour to go until kickoff on the 2014 NFL season, NBC Sports kicked off a new season of predictably left-of-center political pontifications.

Holding that dubious honor tonight was Sports Illustrated senior writer and NBC Sports contributor Peter King, who, during pre-game analysis, insisted that the Dallas Cowboys signing rookie defensive end Michael Sam to their practice squad delivered the National Football League from a “nightmare situation” in which the first openly-gay NFL draftee failed to make a roster. No one else on the broadcast took exception to that line of argument. My colleague Curtis Houck transcribed the statement, which you can read below the page break [LISTEN to MP3 audio here; WATCH video below page break]:

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Europe not at risk of full-blown deflation: ECB’s Constancio

Posted on 22 November 2014

FLORENCE Italy (Reuters) – Europe is not at risk of sliding into “full deflation” but the current rate of inflation is dangerously low, European Central Bank Vice President Vitor Constancio said on Saturday.


Stephen Collin’s Celeb Lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan Arrested for DUI

Posted on 22 November 2014

The lawyer repping child molester Stephen Collins in his divorce is going to be jumping from courtroom to courtroom, because TMZ has learned he was busted for DUI Friday night. Mark Vincent Kaplan — who became famous repping Kevin Federline in …


NewsBusted: Yup, Obama’s Just About That Unpopular

Posted on 02 September 2014

President Obama’s job approval rating is at the lowest point of his presidency. And to give you an idea how unpopular Obama is, his new Secret Service codename is “Ebola.”

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NBC Ignores Own Poll Showing 54 Percent of Americans Disapprove of Obama Job Performance

Posted on 05 August 2014

On Tuesday, August 5, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that President Obama’s popularity reached its lowest point since he first took office in 2009. Overall, 54 percen…

Political News

After Stirring Up Racial Hatred – Obama Tells #Ferguson to “Keep Protests Peaceful”

Posted on 22 November 2014

In August Barack Obama sent Attorney General Eric Holder to St. Louis to pressure local officials in the Michael Brown case. While in Ferguson Holder commiserated with protesters about racist police officers. The Attorney General later launched an civil rights … Continue reading


Google Testing Subscription Service that Blocks Ads from Participating Websites

Posted on 21 November 2014

Pay $1 to $3 a month to block ads Would you pay to get rid of ads on a website? That is the question being asked as Google has announced its Google Contributor subscription service, which would block ads from a participating website for a fee. Suffice to say, this announcement comes as a surprise […]

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NBC’s Brian Williams: Obama ‘Appeared to Be Clear and Unambiguous’ on ISIS

Posted on 03 September 2014

On Wednesday night’s NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams completely missed the mark on President Obama’s mixed signals regarding how his administration intends to deal with the…