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The Moment Violent Black-Clad Antifa-Style Activists Stormed the US Capitol

Posted on 09 February 2021

Guest post by Richard Abelson

As the Senate begins its impeachment hearings today, the charge of “Inciting an Insurrection” against President Donald Trump is falling apart. New video documents the moment when black-clad “Antifa” supporters began trying to force their way into the Capitol building, while MAGA supporters tried to stop them.

The Gateway Pundit has documented at least 20 far-left “Antifa” activists who were present “Storming the Capitol” on Jan 6., including Utah native John Sullivan, who filmed himself inciting mob that led to the shooting of Ashli Babbitt.

New video shows the moment when black-clad “Antifa” supporters started smashing in the doors on the West Front of the Capitol Building, as Trump supporters try to stop them.

Persian-American activist Saghar Erica Kasraie of the National Iranian Congress, who attended the “Save America” rally on 6/1, recalls: “It was such a wonderful, positive event. There were people there from all ethnicities and backgrounds, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Jews, Persians, Indians, people from all over the world who are just proud to be Americans and support the President. It was everything America stands for. It was really very moving.”

Then, the mood suddenly started to change, Kasraie recalls: “Then other people started to show up, who definitely weren’t MAGA people. A lot of them were dressed in black, like Antifa. These are the people who started to smash in windows and force their way into the building.”

A video taken by Kasraie of the West Front of the Capitol shows black-clad and helmeted, Antifa-style protestors start to smash the door behind the Inaugural Platform. An apparent Trump supporter with an American flag lowers himself from the gallery overhead and tries to stop the attack, while other protestors apparently hurl objects at the attackers.

A video of the same scene taken from the gallery seems to show black-clad Antifa smashing the doors in, while other Antifa screen them off from the MAGA crowd, which is trying to stop them. A third angle of the same scene shows Trump supporters shouting “No Antifa” as masked assailants try to force their way into the building.

“Former FBI agent on the ground at U.S. Capitol just texted me and confirmed that at least 1 “busload” of Antifa thugs infiltrated peaceful Trump demonstrators as part of a false Trump flag op”, investigative journalist Paul Sperry twittered on Jan 6.

John Solomon has reported the FBI investigation of 6/1 uncovered rioters “engaged in advance planning” on social media sites. “The planning included training, casing sites, identifying commanders on the scene, and requests for donations of cash, as well as combat and communication gear.” The charges of “Inciting an Insurrection” against President Donald Trump in his speech on 6/1, when he called for a “peaceful, patriotic” protest, thus seem untenable.

House Democrats “made a huge, colossal blunder,” said Kenneth Starr, member of the defense team for Trump’s first Senate impeachment trial, as Solomon reported. “So walk back, and apologize to the former president, apologize to the American people that I never should have voted in favor of this without the benefit of all the facts. I rushed to judgment.”

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