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Report: Trump Courting Donors For A New Social Media Platform

Posted on 20 February 2021

According to a new report, Trump is now courting donors for a new social media platform.

The Washington Examiner reported: 

Former President Donald Trump has told friends he has hundreds of millions of dollars in backing for a new social media venture that would give him an online presence and protect conservatives from being shut down online.

Two sources familiar with discussions said investors included Silicon Valley figures motivated by fears of censorship and online “cancel culture.”

Details emerged as Trump began a new phase of his post-presidency, giving television interviews from his Florida base in the week after his Senate impeachment acquittal.

Trump is yet to join any alternative social media platform since Big Tech banned him.

During one of his first interviews since he left office, he spoke about this as well.

During this interview, he also said that he does not want to go back to Twitter.

If Trump ends up going this route, it will really hurt Big Tech.

Twitter announced it lost $1.14 Billion dollars in 2020.

Twitter Reports $1.14 Billion Loss in 2020 – And that Was Before They Eliminated President Trump and His Top Supporters

Big Tech is in trouble.

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