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Frank Sinatra’s Daughter will ‘Never Forgive’ Trump Voters and Worries it may ‘Kill Her’

Posted on 01 February 2021

Singer and hard core leftie Nancy Sinatra’s boots were made for walkin’ and apparently and pouncing on, jumping on and squashing Donald Trump and the half the country that voted for him. Apparently his presidency caused an “angry place” inside Sinatra that she worries may even kill her.  The Guardian’s Eve Barlow interviewed Sinatra to find out why she’s been struggling to feel “proudly American” and why the last four years have “taken a toll on her mental health.” Like most of the left, Sinatra blames Trump.  Sinatra has been waiting for Trump to leave office since the day he went in. At the 2017 Inauguration when Trump and his wife Melania danced to her father’s song “My Way,” Nancy was “disgusted.” Barlow says, “Nancy, in a since deleted tweet to Trump, wrote: ‘Just remember the first line of the song.’ My Way begins: ‘And now the end is near.’” Is anyone gonna tell her that Trump also played “My Way” when boarding Air Force One for the last time?  It’s no wonder she carries a grudge towards Trump. Sinatra is a big advocate for leftie issues including climate change, “women's rights” and healthcare. In The Guardian interview she said: “We squeaked by [in the election]. I don’t know what I would have done if Biden had lost. It crossed my mind to move to another country.” Hey Nancy, go for it. Those boots … well, you know the rest.  “I couldn’t believe that this great nation had sunk so low. I’ll never forgive the people that voted for him, ever. I have an angry place inside of me now. I hope it doesn’t kill me,” she said. That’s a healthy attitude toward politics. And Trump supporters and voters never asked for her forgiveness.  She’s also been no stranger to Twitter. Yes, even at 80 years old. In 2019 she said: “Two things I knew would happen if ignorant @realDonaldTrump was ‘elected’ - 1/ he would stack the Supreme Court and 2/ he would start a war someplace, anyplace. He is a clear and present danger to our country and the world. #ImpeachAndRemove.”  On Jan 27 Sinatra shared an article about Trump’s “erosion of trust” she tweeted: “Personally I will never forgive him and I, sadly, will always loathe him and those who voted for him.” It had already been a week since Biden’s inauguration and Sinatra was still searching for ways to walk all over Trump. She apparently won’t even use his name anymore --- another a leftie consumed with anti-Trump rage.  It really is a shame that she can’t just let bygones be bygones and move on. The habitual hate that consumes her is ruining the reputation of the Sinatra name. Just as it’s doing for the rest of Tinseltown.