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The World’s “Deadliest” Wine

Posted on 30 January 2021

(Note: Thank you for your support for American businesses like the one below and for Gateway Pundit. We appreciate you! The below sponsored message is from Will Bonner of Bonner Private Wines.)

When people hear that I run America’s first private wine partnership, they assume I sit around in Napa tasting the latest ultra-smooth (and overpriced) cabernet sauvignon…

…or that I’m always jetting off to France to taste the latest 100 point St Emilion (which, surprise, tastes the same as the 89 pt St Emilion!)…

They don’t expect to hear about the number of times I’ve been kicked, trampled, and bucked off by horses… or the times I’ve nearly drowned

Or the amount of strange meat cooked over an open fire I’ve eaten… or the even stranger dinner companions I’ve had (from guys who own private planes…to cowboys who have never even seen one up close).

But then, when you’re searching for the best wines in the world, sometimes you wind up in pretty strange places.

The isolated wine valley I recently stumbled upon was no exception…

The wines there are both world-class, extremely affordable, and rare…

See the full story (including where you can find these wines) here.


Will Bonner

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