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Leftist Celebrities Go Below The Belt At Rudy Guiliani For Having COVID

Posted on 07 December 2020

Rudy Guiliani has been diagnosed with COVID-19, and as expected, Twitter’s woke mob jumped at the opportunity to bully and gloat at the President’s attorney.  Unhinged left-wing celebrities Bette Midler, Mark Hamill, Tom Arnold, Mark Ruffalo, and Billy Eichner mocked and berated Guiliani for catching and potentially spreading the disease. This was to be expected -- reveling in the misfortune of others was always something the left excelled at, as was proven by reactions to Donald Trump’s earlier COVID diagnosis. Singer, songwriter, actress, author, and comedian Bette Midler clearly had several grievances to get off her chest when she tweeted on December 6, “#RudyGiuliani exposed hundreds to Covid-19 as he relentlessly criss-crossed the country seeking to overturn the election; pix of him maskless, hugging, kissing, posing with other’s enough to make you gag.  Pity the poor doctors & nurses who have to treat him.” How virtuous of Midler. She’s obviously so concerned for those who came and will come in contact with Guiliani, who himself must be the devil incarnate for spreading the virus.  She needs to get over herself. Midler didn’t even have to say anything, but instead she engaged in preposterous virtue signaling.  Star Wars actor Mark Hamill tweeted on December 6, “[email protected] far the greatest conspiracy theorist in the history of America & who has been working tirelessly to undermine faith in our democracy in service to the most corrupt president (by far!) in the history of the USA, has fallen victim to the Fake News Covid Hoax. #SAD” That’s right, kick a man while he’s down. Yoda would definitely approve.  Mark Ruffalo, actor of Hulk from Marvel Cinematic Universe, smugly tweeted on December 6, “SHOCKING!  UNIMAGINABLE! F-ING UNAVOIDABLE! What a [eggplant emoji]. Rudy Giuliani tested positive for COVID-19, according to President Donald Trump.”  Saying “I told you so” never helped in any kind of situation, Ruffalo, even if the phrase is worded differently. Actor Tom Arnold, who appeared in the film True Lies, tweeted a laughable comparison on December 7 in reaction to the closure of the Arizona legislature due to Guiliani’s presence there: “Rudy Giuliani: 2001 America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani: 2020 Domestic Terrorist” COVID-19 victim equals domestic abuser. Sound logic right there. Billy Eichner, who acted in The Lion King, tweeted a GIF of Kimberly Guilfoyle proclaiming at the RNC, “the best is yet to come!” Does that mean that he’s looking forward to more high ranking members of Trump’s administration getting diagnosed with COVID? Given Eichner’s unsavory record, it wouldn’t be beyond him. Or any other of these unhinged leftists, honestly.