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WATCH: Parade of Silly Liberal ‘Landslide’ Talk

Posted on 07 November 2020

Cable "news" is often dominated by a lot of opinion and speculation and wishful thinking. After four years of projecting that the Trump presidency would end any day now, David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon assembled an amusing clip package of all the wishful thinking about a Biden landslide and a "blue wave" election for the Democrats. Among the highlights: -- CNN's arrogant Jim Acosta: "President Trump is predicting a red wave next Tuesday, but looking at the latest poll numbers, he may be getting the color wrong." -- MSNBC pundit Steve Schmidt: "Joe Biden has the biggest, the most durable and broadest lead of any presidential candidate in the modern era." Forget Reagan's landslides!  -- MSNBC pundit John Heileman: "A world where [Senator] John Cornyn can lose in Texas is a world where, you know, you're looking,  you can have a plausible conversation about Democratic landslide." (Cornyn won by 10 points.) This explains why Kasie Hunt said her giddy sources were talking up the Democrats gaining "10 to 12" Senate seats. -- CNN pundit/ former Obama campaign manager David Axelrod: It's "more likely that Biden will win a substantial, maybe a landslide victory in the electoral college." -- Former Clinton campaign manager James Carville on MSNBC: "We're gonna know the winner of this election by 10 o'clock tomorrow night." Media reporter Joe Concha told Fox & Friends on Wednesday "He also declared a landslide in 2016." Carville is the perennial optimist. He wrote a book in 2009 titled 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation. PS: It's kind of hard to miss the all-too-routine MSNBC chyron: GOP VOTER URGES PARTY TO 'BLEACH OUT THE TRUMP CULT STAIN' As opposed to our suggested rebuttal: GOP VOTERS URGE MSNBC TO GET A CLUE