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New York City: Man Fires Flamethrower Atop Bus (Video)

Posted on 17 November 2020

Video apparently taken last week shows a shirtless man standing atop a city bus at night firing a flamethrower into the air. A post by the Instagram account ViralExposure dated November 11 says the stunt was filmed for a music video for local rapper Dupree God. The bus was marked B26, indicating it was in Brooklyn.

(Update: The New York Post reports the incident took place Sunday, November 8 in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

As a crowd watches, a man with a flamethrower is seen atop an ice cream truck that has a woman up front making time with the driver while the salesman looks out from the back service window. The man jumps over to the roof of a city bus and starts firing the flamethrower into the sky, shooting flames ten to twenty feet into the air. The man walks to the back of the bus and fires off a couple flames into the street. He jumps off, landing on his butt and then walks away holding the flamethrower.

“CRAZY FLAMETHROWER STUNT 🧐 on top of a City Bus 🚌 for the new video “Wu Tang is for the children” 👶 in front of the ODB Mural in Brooklyn NY.”

A street level view of uncertain origin is also making the rounds.

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