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All-out War On Republicans: ‘Democratspin’ Beats Up On Three GOP Figures

Posted on 20 November 2020

The Deadspin blog is a veritable "Democratspin" again with three currently appearing attacks on Republicans, over the election investigation, campus sexual assaults and COVID-19. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem all took broadside hits from "Democratspin" partisan hacks. The so-called "sports" blog is a full-fledged anti-Republican hate site.. Chris Baud unloaded on Giuliani about misspeaking and referring to the Philadelphia Eagles as a basketball team. Baud says, "Perhaps the most delicious part of the attempted coup by the Trump administration is that Rudy Giuliani has evolved into a laughingstock." He was referring to this Rudy statement: “You knew that people were coming over from Camden to vote … It’s about as frequent as getting beat up at a Philadelphia Eagles basketball, uh, football game. Happens all the time.” Baud pilloried Giuliani's "ridiculous" and "fact-free" Thursday press conference (see above photo) in which "he sweated so profusely that his hair dye ran down his face." "The past month has been a nonstop embarrassment tour for Giuliani," Baud continues before making fun of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping parking lot press conference Rudy held earlier this month. Compared to what "Democratspin's" DeArbea Walker did to Sec. DeVos, Rudy got off easy. She said DeVos and the NCAA don't care about campus sexual assaults. Thank goodness President-elect Joe Biden will overturn the alleged damage done by Devos, Walker writes before citing another attack dog/mouthpiece for Democrats, The New York Times: "Undoing what is arguably Ms. DeVos’s most formidable accomplishment — rules for federally funded schools investigating sexual misconduct — could be tougher. The incoming administration has vowed to dismantle those rules. As vice president, Mr. Biden had personally helped introduce the Obama-era guidelines on campus sexual misconduct that Ms. DeVos reversed through formal rule-making." Dustin Foote delivered the third attack on Republicans, ridiculing South Dakota Gov. Noem over the state's spike in coronavirus cases. Sioux Falls, S.D., was selected to be a replacement site for the Battle 4 Atlantis college basketball tournament, but due to the governor's bizarre insistence on personal freedom that no longer looks like a good idea, Foote asserts.: "The tournament’s organizers say they can replicate the bubble the NBA used in Orlando. Which is, of course, a load of horseshit." The Sioux Falls tournament was going to be another NBA-style bubble, although more than 3,000 fans would be attending the games. Which means it's not a bubble, Foote argues. "But don’t worry, masks are required! The 3,250-seat gym will be one of the only places in the state that mandates masks," Foote says. That's a direct swat-down of Gov. Noem for her belief that masks restrict freedom. "For months, she has opposed a mask mandate even as other Republican governors in North Dakota, Iowa, Ohio, and Utah have come around to the idea that masks should be worn. Noam also repeatedly defends constituents who refuse to wear masks." South Dakota is already on fire and should not be playing with matches, says Foote. If the state is on fire, it's a tiny fire. Despite "Democratspin's" hysterics, South Dakota ranks 37th nationally in COVID-19 cases. Only eight states have reported fewer COVID-19 deaths than South Dakota, with its 705 fatalities. How has the freedom killing of New York's Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo worked out by comparison? 34,919 deaths (49 times higher than South Dakota!). How about Gov. Gavin Newsom's tyranny in California? 18,561 deaths (26 times higher than South Dakota!) Foote's readily transparent agenda is all about attacking Republicans and Gov. Noem, a rising GOP star.