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AG Barr Made Surprise Visit to Chicago Last Week – Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and Rest of America Wondering What He’s Up To

Posted on 25 November 2020

US Attorney General Bill Barr has remained quiet since before the 2020 election.   There is no evidence his Department of Justice (DOJ) is involved in reviewing any election fraud committed by the Democrats.  So what is he up to?

We really don’t know if AG Bill Barr is working for the US or even if he is working at all.  He did magical work in ending the totally corrupt Mueller Investigation as soon as he took up his new position.  He has given some incredibly eloquent speeches about the three branches and the importance of the Executive Branch.

AG Barr also put in place an investigation into the corruption behind the Mueller sham but nothing has come of this.  John Durham, who was picked by Barr to put together the investigation has come up with nothing after more than a year of work. Many others claim they could have easily indicted many for many crimes based on public information.  There is no reason for the Durham investigation not being completed by now nor is their for no indictments to date.

So what is AG Barr up to?  It looks like Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot would like to know the same thing:

A veteran police lieutenant was reassigned last week after a one-day trip to Chicago by Attorney General William Barr caught Chicago Police Department leadership and the mayor’s office by surprise.

Sources told the Chicago Sun-Times that Lt. Patrick Quinn was pulled from his position in the Crime Prevention and Information Center in police headquarters and sent to the Rogers Park District on the North Side after Mayor Lori Lightfoot and CPD brass learned of Barr’s visit during a conference call Nov. 17 — just a day before Barr, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, was scheduled to arrive in Chicago.

Quinn could not be reached Tuesday and representatives for the CPD lieutenant’s union did not respond to inquiries. Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office referred questions to the CPD, which declined to comment on Quinn’s move.

The nature of Barr’s visit remains unclear, and a representative for the Department of Justice declined to comment on the attorney general’s trip. A representative for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago said Barr did not meet with anyone from the local federal prosecutors’ office.

Unfortunately for America, the current DOJ is not leading the charge against corruption in the federal government.  Maybe after Trump wins he can put someone in as the head of the DOJ who will address the never-ending corruption in this massive entity.

Until then Mayor Lightfoot and the rest of America have no idea what Barr is up to.

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