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WAYNE ROOT: WARNING: What’s Happening in Las Vegas Will Destroy America

Posted on 14 September 2020

By Wayne Allyn Root

Oh boy, do I have a story for you. Who doesn’t love Las Vegas? It’s America’s favorite city. It may be the world’s favorite city. It’s my adopted hometown for 20 years now.

Up until recently, I never thought anything, or anyone, could ever destroy Las Vegas. I was wrong.

Everyone needs to hear about what’s happening here. Las Vegas and the state of Nevada are in deep trouble. Trust me, you’re next, if you put Biden and Democrats in charge of America.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. What happens in Vegas is coming to your city and state. What happens in Vegas is a warning for the entire USA.

Here are a few “Vegas stories” you won’t see in television ads.

First, I have to tell you about Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak. The D next to his name isn’t just for Democrat. It stands for DUMB. As in clueless, ignorant, blind, deaf and very dumb.

We’ve somehow won the dreaded “reverse lottery.” The odds of having a Governor this incompetent, cowardly and insane with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” all at once, is somewhere between one in a million and one in a billion.

Our clueless or suicidal Governor (take your pick) made the decision to shut down the Nevada economy back in March- thereby killing the entertainment capital of the world. Six months later, while casinos are open, bars are still closed and churches are limited to 50 congregants.

This madman is killing both saints and sinners. The bar owners and church leaders should get together and sue. They could title the lawsuit, “The Catholics and Convicts versus the Governor of Nevada.”

But wait, it gets much worse. Because all events are still limited to 50 attendees or less, there are no conventions, conferences or concerts in Vegas. We are the entertainment and convention center of America- except without the entertainment or conventions.

Although pools are open, our guests have to wear masks while sitting by the pool, in direct sun, with temperatures around 110 degrees most of the summer. How refreshing! We’re now the mask-at-the-pool capital of America.

While you have to wear a mask while sitting by the pool (even though you’re outdoors and chairs are six feet apart), only steps away, guests are in the pool by the hundreds, without masks, kissing, dancing, gyrating, and drinking, in a tangled mass of human anatomy. Obviously, Covid-19 only attacks people lying in a lounge chair, not dancing in the pool inches from each other.

My fiancé Cindy and I love Vegas’ world class restaurants. We sit at tables only feet from the bar. But no one can sit at the bar. Live music is banned. Obviously, while Covid-19 won’t attack you at your table next to the bar, it will kill you instantly if you sit at the bar, or listen to live music.

Mail-in voting is encouraged for everyone in Nevada. But we all stand next to hundreds of other Nevadans at CostCo, Wal-Mart, supermarkets, banks, or CVS. No problem. Covid-19 clearly only kills voters, not shoppers.

Our Governor tried to stop President Trump’s Reno and Vegas political rallies this past weekend, but never said a word as thousands of often violent Black Lives Matter protestors caused mayhem on the Vegas Strip for 20 nights in a row. Covid-19 must not effect rioters, looters, violent thugs, or protestors that openly hate America and chant “death to cops.” I guess Covid is only spread by Republicans.

These are just a few of the mandates set forth by the dumbest Governor in America. Because of all these absurd, idiotic, confusing rules made up by liberal bureaucrats with at least one chromosome missing, Vegas just lost NFR (National Finals Rodeo) to Dallas, Texas for the first time in over 30 years. Dallas will allow 20,000 spectators. The rules of our Nevada Governor would only allow 50 spectators in Las Vegas.

That’s thousands of jobs lost, thousands of small businesses damaged, hundreds of millions in revenues lost. And of course, there’s no tax revenues for Nevada’s government either. How will our socialist Governor fund his massive welfare programs and failing public schools?

But NFR is just one event. We’ve lost all of them. Every convention is canceled. There is no tax revenue to pay for any government services, let alone our gleaming new NFL stadium for the Las Vegas Raiders. No fans are allowed to attend for the entire season. But our Governor pledged almost a billion dollars in taxpayer money for the stadium- the most taxpayer money ever pledged in the history of sports. Now there’s no money. Good luck with that.

Did I mention while over 200,000 Nevadans lost their jobs because of this dumb and dumber Governor’s decisions, many of them still (six months later) can’t get unemployment checks? The system is horribly broken. The Governor can’t find any way to fix it, six months later. But his unemployment department did manage to close for the Labor Day holiday- while tens of thousands of Nevadans are starving.

I was wrong. It’s easy to destroy Las Vegas, the formerly greatest city on earth. Or any other city or state. Just put one dumb, clueless, incompetent liberal with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” in charge.

If you like what’s happened to Vegas, put Joe Biden in the White House. Then watch as what’s happening in Vegas destroys the entire USA.

P.S. Wait for my Part II. This story about the destruction of Vegas is even more shocking than what you just read.

Wayne Allyn Root is the host of the nationally-syndicated radio show, “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network from 6 PM to 9 PM EST M-F. Listen live at

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