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Trump Comes up With A New Nickname For Biden — And It’s Perfect

Posted on 03 September 2020

Former President George W. Bush was known for his nicknames — and he was a master.

He called senior advisor Karl Rove “Turd Blossom.” For Russian President Vladimir Putin — “Pooty Poot.” Vice President Dick Cheney was “Big Time,” White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card was “Tangent Man,” and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was “Guru.”

But President Trump is giving Bush a run for his money  — and his new one for Joe Biden is perfect.

“Joe Hiden.”

The Democratic presidential candidate has been holed up in his basement for months, fearing COVID-19 (which the mainstream media has been saying will eventually kill everyone on the planet — even though 90+% of the deaths were people 70 years old or older).

“Can you believe what’s happening!?” Trump tweeted Wednesday, with a link to a Breitbart News article. “They give Joe Hiden’ the questions, and he reads them an answer!”

In the story, the Trump campaign accuses Biden of mistakenly reading an instructional note from a TelePrompter as he answered questions in an interview.

“I understand that Cuba along with Russia and China has contributed to the political impasse in Venezuela as well. What’s the president doing? Look, Venezuela topline message is President Trump’s policy is an abject failure,” Biden said.

Topline message?!

Trump has repeatedly hit Biden for hunkering in his basement. “Somebody like Biden, he doesn’t know what to do,” Trump said last month. “He doesn’t come out because he can’t. He doesn’t take any questions from reporters. … This guy doesn’t come out of his basement, and he hasn’t taken one question.”



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