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The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft Joins Legendary Game Show Host Chuck Woolery and his Accomplice, Mark Young on BLUNT FORCE TRUTH

Posted on 01 September 2020

The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft, twin brother of Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft, was on Blunt Force Truth with game show legend Chuck Woolery and his accomplice Mark Young.  They discussed many topics regarding politics in the US today in an entertaining interview.

TV Gameshow great Chuck Woolery teams up with Mark Young at BLUNT FORCE TRUTH and together they hold great interviews with individuals on the conservative side of the isle.

Woolery knows Hollywood and is infamous for his many hours hosting game shows aired around the world.  Woolery was the original host of Wheel of Fortune, was with the Love Connection for more than a decade, ran the Scrabble Show and more.

Together, Woolery and Young have held hundreds of interviews.  Woolery mentioned at the beginning of the interview that the Gateway Pundit is one of his first go-to sites when gets online to check out the news.

In their interview with the Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft, the topics discussed were often related to Joe Hoft’s new book:

In God We Trust – Not in Lying Liberal Lunatics

Woolery mentioned what it was like working in Hollywood and being conservative.  The discussion then covered the censorship happening in the US today against conservative websites that share the truth like the Gateway Pundit.  In the 18 months after the 2016 election, for example, conservative sites on Facebook saw their Facebook shares go down by 93%.

The topics of President Trump and Joe Biden were next discussed.  And then at the 48:45 minute mark came a discussion on China where Joe responded to comments from Woolery and Young:

Hoft: Well, I agree with both you guys.  How’s that?  Totally, and Chuck I’m glad you had the courage to say what you just said because that has been my thinking too and I’ve even written a post about it.

Woolery:  Well I absolutely believe it.

Hoft: The last four years I’ve been writing about this, I’m sitting in Hong Kong and I’m seeing it.  I’ve talked to CEO’s from China.  A year or two ago they were saying, our business is not just bad, it’s terrible.  I’ve talked to a plant manager in China who oversees 5,000 employees in a plant, and they’re moving their business down to Thailand.  And all of this is due to Donald Trump.

I think what Trump did was he said to Xi, ‘Ok, if you want to play fair, then let’s play fair.  If you’re not going to play fair, then we’re going to have to do something’.  And I liked how he said and the people in China even liked what he said, ‘I don’t blame you Mr. Xi.  You’re doing what you should do, you’re working for your country, but our politicians have let us down…

Hoft: … The more I’ve traveled back and forth, I’ve seen massive complexes with nobody in them.

Woolery:  Why is that?

Hoft: Because they don’t understand supply and demand.  And here’s the deal, I’ve talked to a COO from a corporation who said, ‘Well, they’ll just put people in those [empty buildings]’.  And I’m like well that’s fine you can do that but it’ll be just like the US in the inner cities.  Throw people in there without a job and without a purpose and see what happens.  You’re going to have massive drug addiction.  You’re going to have a massive, massive problem like we do in our inner cities…

Hoft: … so they overbuilt, and then all the sudden they run into problems where people who own this property can’t pay off the loans, so then they start lying about it.  And then the banks start lying about it because you gotta report it to the government.  And if you report it to the government, which is the Chinese way, this is what’s happened under Mao, then you are going to lose your job or your life.  So you don’t report the truth.  So there’s estimates from like the S&P, and I’ve noted this in my book too, that it’s like maybe 20% of the balance sheet is off balance sheet, meaning they’re lying about how much their real debt is.  This is what’s going on.

And then pile on that and Trump says ‘I’m going to put on tariffs because you’re not playing fair.  I’ve offered you to play fair, you’re not playing fair, so fine.  So if you want to play by your rule, you’re going to have to start paying tariffs.’

So what does Xi do?  He lowers the interest rates in China to be able to offset those tariffs.  But what does it do?  It raises the payments, the real payments on those properties that are in US dollars, the debt. And so they got a mess.  And that was all coming to boil.

Woolery: No one knows that you know?  No one knows that.  It’s not reported.  No one knows about it Joe.

Listen to interview HERE

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