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Remote Valley in Argentina Changing Wine

Posted on 19 September 2020

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This wine region has been called the literal “edge of the world.” And it feels like it. Even seasoned international winemakers report being overwhelmed by the endless sky and jagged mountains…

Yet, it also has a highly unique microclimate, found nowhere else on Earth…

– Poor Soil (dry, dusty, good drainage)
– Low water intake (stresses the grape)
– Thin Atmosphere (breathing is hard work)
– Extreme UV levels (80% more intense than Bordeaux)
– Temperature drops as much as 77 degrees at night!
– Extreme Isolation/Altitude (fewer pests)

And it makes for some fascinating wines…
– Flavors of smoke, black berry, dark cherry, and leather
– Lower Sugar (naturally, not as a gimmick)
– Higher Resveratrol levels (up to 10x supermarket wines)
– Lower sulfite
– Cleaner (as a natural product of the harsh climate and isolation)
– Extremely complex
– Inky dark red coloring (so dark they’re called “black” wines)
– Inexpensive (especially given the quality)

For years you pretty much had to be able to import wine directly yourself to enjoy these extreme altitude malbecs. (They tend to be made in very small batches – which doesn’t work if you’re a large importer.)

But today, you have a rare opportunity to try it for yourself.

America’s top “private wine partnership” – essentially a private group of wine drinkers who import wine directly – is opening its cellar to the general public. They have not said how long they will be doing so… so check out their current inventory while you can…

Click here to access the inventory.

Will Bonner

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