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Sleazy Mueller Gang Leader Andrew Weissmann Scared – His Corrupt Accomplice Clinesmith Who In 2016 Texted: “I Have Initiated the Destruction of the Republic”- Admits Guilt Today

Posted on 14 August 2020

Mueller’s ‘pitbull’, Andrew Wiessmann, is scared he’s next.  Last week Weissmann was behind two articles online disparaging Attorney General Barr and the DOJ.  Today he freaked out again and went on a Twitter rant about the guilty plea of his former “Resistance” partner Kevin Clinesmith.

According to Mediaite:

Andrew Weissmann, who served as a deputy on former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump administration and Russian interference in the 2016 election, lashed out at the Justice Department on Friday for indicting an FBI attorney who played a role in that investigation.

In a series of messages on Twitter, Weissmann invoked former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in asking Attorney General William Barr to explain the reasoning behind charges for Kevin Clinesmith. Court documents on Friday indicated Clinesmith, a former FBI attorney, intends to plead guilty to altering an email from the CIA, which investigators used to seek a wiretap on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. 

Sleazy little Weissmann started his rant with this tweet, claiming General Michael Flynn is guilty of crimes while Clinesmith is not:

Of course this is a lie.  Flynn never lied to the FBI.  Flynn’s indictment was a ruse and Weissmann was behind it from the start.  Next Wiessmann tweeted (of course Weissmann is so smart he doesn’t know how to make a Twitter thread):

Of course, Weissmann is making excuses for Clinesmith who omitted in the Carter Page FISA warrant that Page worked for the CIA.  This material fact was never shared with the FISA Court in the Deep State’s successful attempt to obtain a warrant to spy on candidate and President Trump.

Next creepy Weissmann tweeted (again Weissmann shows his brilliance by noting this is the first of two tweets but unable to figure out how to connect two tweets together – something a grade schooler can do):

The second of these tweets continues:

The one thing for sure from Weissmann’s tweet is that there are two systems of justice in play due to Wiessmann and other Deep State crooks.  Weissmann doesn’t like the AG Barr is bringing justice back to the justice system.

Weissmann then tweets:

Weissmann shows his moral standards in confusing the message and making up, down and down, up.  This sleazeball hopefully will soon be next.

Mediaite continued:

“He will be pleading guilty,” Clinesmith attorney Justin Shur said in a statement to reporters on Friday. “Kevin deeply regrets having altered the email. It was never his intent to mislead the court or his colleagues as he believed the information he relayed was accurate. But Kevin understands what he did was wrong and accepts responsibility.”

We were the first to report, after Clinesmith’s name was released in November 2019, that on page 445 of the DOJ’s IG report on Hillary Clinton’s emails, there is a discussion of what Attorney 2 (Clinesmith) from the FBI texted on October 28, 2016  –

Among the general discussion of political issues by FBI Attorney 2, we identified three instant message exchanges that raised concerns of potential bias.  The first of these exchanges was on October 28, 2016, shortly after Comey’s October 28 letter to Congress that effectively announced the reopening of the Midyear investigation.  FBI Attorney 2 sent similar messages to four different FBI employees. The timestamps of these messages are included below. The messages stated:

13:44:42, to FBI Employee 1: “I mean, I never really liked the Republic anyway.”
13:44:52, to FBI Employee 2: “I mean, I never really liked the Republic anyway.”
14:01:52, to FBI Employee 3: “As I have initiated the destruction of the republic.… Would you be so kind as to have a coffee with me this afternoon?”
15:28:50, to FBI Employee 4: “I’m clinging to small pockets of happiness in the dark time of the Republic’s destruction

Despite Weissmann’s insanity, Clinesmith admitted guilt back in 2016 and apologized for lying while admitting guilt today through his attorney.  Altering a FISA warrant to spy on candidate and President Trump and participating in the most corrupt scandal in US history – Obamagate – is a crime.  Weissmann knows it too.

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