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Democrats and Communist China Are Using COVID-19 to Manipulate and Punish Those They Don’t Like

Posted on 24 August 2020

The China coronavirus (COVID-19) is dispersing but some communist run regimes around the world are still using it as a vehicle to punish those they don’t like.  Below are some examples:

China is reportedly using COVID as an excuse to suppress Catholic services within its borders.  Breitbart reported that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse for shutting down Catholic worship, according to a report Friday from UCANews.

China also is punishing Hong Kong for its anti-China sentiment.  The tiny country Hong Kong has been under COVID-19 restrictions since January of this year.  The schools have been closed this entire time.  The airport is a ghost town even though it once had a quarter million travelers going through its doors every day.  The small nation now fully under China’s grip has had less coronavirus deaths (77) to date than flu deaths (113) through February, but severe restrictions are still in place.

Democrat states which are acting more like communist countries by the day, have been horrible to their citizenry since the outbreak of COVID-19.  We calculated in June that Americans were twice as likely to die from the coronavirus in Democrat led states than in Republican led states.

(Democrat leaders Schumer and Pelosi.)

New York is the model for COVID-19 abuse.  The state has more deaths than any other state by far and it’s due to the policies put in place by its Governor Cuomo.  Killer Cuomo mandated that COVID infected patients be taken in by elderly and disabled homes across the state and the number of deaths exploded.  More people have died in New York than any location in the world due to New York’s insane policies.

To no one’s surprise, Democrat states have higher unemployment than Republican states as of the end of July.

The United States’ unemployment rate for July was 10.2%, according to the BLS. However, five states with the highest levels of unemployment are well above the national average, per the BLS:

  • Massachusetts (16.1%)

  • New York (15.9%)

  • Nevada (14.0%)

  • New Jersey (13.8%)

  • Pennsylvania (13.7%)

Democrat run states have placed casinos over churches and mandated face masks based on no empirical evidence this works to prevent COVID deaths.  They have shut down small businesses in their communities for months in an apparent effort, like China, to kill these businesses and economies for good.

Also, these Democrat states are where riots, BLM and Antifa are destroying their inner cities even more than their policies.  The people who owned businesses in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City, Portland, Seattle, etc… are out of luck.  They need to pay their taxes for the year before the ruins of their properties will be be cleaned up.

Democrats like China, however, are clueless to their destructive ways.

China claims COVID-19 was a natural event but evidence shows otherwise.  Their rationale for stating this precludes them from legal ramifications if it was man-made.  We still don’t know if China released the virus on purpose, to destroy the world’s economies since their economy was going backwards, or not.  China still only shows only 84,000 cases of COVID today which is little more than their total in February.  (If you believe these numbers you are a fool.)

Democrats are as deceiving and clueless as China.  At last week’s DNC, the party praised Governor Cuomo for his great work in New York with COVID-19.  Victor Davis Hanson called out this insanity last week:

America is the land of the free, except in Democrat states which act more like China than America.  Petty those who vote Democrat.  They get more than they bargain for.

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