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Hillary Clinton: President Trump Has ‘Tried to Hijack Christianity and the Bible’

Posted on 18 June 2020

Defeated 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton criticized President Trump over his demonstration of support for a church torched by protesters earlier this month, saying he “has tried to hijack Christianity and the Bible.” Clinton also claimed Trump has never read the Bible.

Clinton made her comments in an interview with Britain’s Sky News this week in which she defended the Black Lives Matter protests while minimizing the riots, looting, arson and attacks on police and journalists in major cities across the U.S. that were part of the protests.

Clinton duly denounced the violence, but tried to gaslight observers of the riotous protests by saying it was a “tiny, tiny, minority of people who took advantage of a tragedic (sic) moment, uh, to loot and to steal and to vandalize. A tiny, tiny percentage.”

Clinton was talking about police clearing protesters in advance of Trump’s walk to St John’s Church on June 1 to show support after the church was set on fire the night before during riots and arson attacks near the White House during a Black Lives Matter protest. The church is located one block north of the Executive Mansion.

Sky News reporter Kay Burley: “For a photo opportunity.”

Clinton: “Well, absolutely for a photo opportunity holding a book he’s never read.”

Burley: “He says that it’s one of his favorite book (sic).”

Clinton: “Yes. And he can’t tell you a single thing that’s in it. That uh, has been a uh, pattern. He’s tried to uh, hijack uh, Christianity and the Bible in ways that are, you know, deeply hypocritical uh, and that was just another occasion. And the outcry by uh, religious leaders I think demonstrated uh, clearly that nobody was being fooled.”

Transcript by TGP.

Burley told Clinton during the interview that when she saw her in a New York City restaurant after her 2016 defeat she wanted to give Clinton a hug.

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