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Barr Warns Rioters After Walking in Streets of DC Like a Boss, ‘There Will be Even Greater Enforcement Resources in the Region Tonight’

Posted on 02 June 2020

AG Barr and Defense Secretary Esper walk the streets of DC

US Attorney General Bill Barr on Tuesday warned rioters that law enforcement will be stepping up their response tonight after he walked the streets of DC last night like a boss.

Barr said in a statement that there will be even greater enforcement resources in the region tonight.

Full statement from Barr:

Attorney General William P. Barr released the following statement:

“Last night was a more peaceful night in the District of Columbia. Working together, federal and local law enforcement made significant progress in restoring order to the nation’s capital.

I am grateful to Chief Peter Newsham and the Metropolitan Police Department for their outstanding work and professionalism. The District is well served by this exceptional police force.

I also thank Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley, and the men and women of the Department of Defense for their support. I am particularly impressed by the citizen-soldiers of the D.C. National Guard, who are committed to serving their community, and did so with great effectiveness last night.

Not least, I am grateful to the many federal law enforcement agencies and personnel who helped protect the District, including the FBI, Secret Service, Park Police, ATF, DEA, Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Marshals Service, Capitol Police, Department of Homeland Security’s CBP and Border Patrol units, and others.

There will be even greater law enforcement resources and support in the region tonight. The most basic function of government is to provide security for people to live their lives and exercise their rights, and we will meet that responsibility here in the nation’s capital.”

President Trump also walked across Lafayette Park near the White House and raised a Bible where the historic St. John’s Church once stood before it was torched by looters and radical leftists on Sunday night.

Bill Barr on Monday directed the Bureau of Prisons to send a riot teams to DC and Miami in response to the violent left-wing mobs.

Left-wing terrorists descended upon the White House Sunday night, setting fires around the area.

This isn’t about the death of George Floyd. The left is using George Floyd’s murder as an excuse to usher in a violent Communist revolution.

FBI agents assisted the D.C. police and the national guard Sunday night.

The National Guard also pushed back on rioters with flash bangs and smoke canisters.

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