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President Trump SLAMS Nasty Never-Trumper Mitt Romney after His Latest Smears

Posted on 18 May 2020

Over the weekend bitter Mitt Romney attacked President Trump — once again — this time for firing Obama holdover Inspector Generals.
The firings included Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson and Inspector General Steve Linick from the State Department.

In April ICIG Michael Atkinson who was behind in the Ukraine impeachment scam.

EXCLUSIVE: ICIG Michael Atkinson Altered Whistleblower Forms to Allow for CIA Leaker – His Wife Just Happens to be Connected to Russian Collusion Hoaxer – Fusion GPS

Atkinson’s secret testimony has still not been released by Adam Schiff.

On Friday Secretary of State Mike Pompeo fired Inspector General Steve Linick who served as the State Department IG since 2013.

Linick played a role in the faux impeachment of President Trump over Ukraine.

Linick requested an urgent meeting with Congressional Democrat staffers. During the meeting Linick handed over documents related to the Trump administration and Ukraine.
The entire impeachment was a scam to divert attention away from the Biden Crime Family and Hunter Biden’s pay-for-play with Burisma Holdings.

Linick was an anti-Trump hack who should have been removed months ago.

On Saturday horrible Anti-Trumper Mitt Romney attacked President Trump for removing these horribly corrupt IGs.

Anti-Trump Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah ripped into President Trump Saturday for his firing of several inspectors general over the past few months, calling the moves “a threat to accountable democracy and a fissure in the constitutional balance of power.”

Mitt accused the president of firing these IGs “without good cause.”

President Trump waited until Monday morning to blast traitor Romney.

The tweet is currently pinned to the top of President Trump’s twitter page.
Mark Levin said it best — Mitt Romney is “shallow and disgusting man.”

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