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“Full Throttle is my Phrase for What John Durham is Doing.  He’s Full Throttle.” – Former US Attorney Joe diGenova

Posted on 15 May 2020

Again, former US Attorney Joe DiGenova and his wife and partner, Victoria Toensing, were on the radio discussing the Flynn case and more.  They again provided a plethora of information on America First with Sebastian Gorka. 

The famous attorneys, diGenova and Toensing, started off discussing the recent moves by the Deep State and in particular the actions of the judge overseeing the General Michael Flynn case, Judge Emmet Sullivan.  They concluded that Judge Sullivan was getting senile or insane.  This may be or he might be a card carrying member of the Deep State, but whatever, his actions the past couple of days were insane.

Later at the 16:40 minute mark, diGenova says the following about how the Deep State went after Flynn and how the attempts to get Flynn on the Logan Act were bogus:

What this list shows, is that the intent to get Flynn, which succeeded, was deep and wide in the [Obama] administration.  This was a vendetta. There was an animus towards him.  This was not a fact based, concern based thing.  Remember, as the National Security Advisor on the transition team, he’s not a private citizen.  He gets a green check from the government.  The United States government pays for the transition to ensure a smooth handover of power. [i.e. Flynn was doing his job when he called the Russian diplomat.]

At around the 20:00 minute mark, diGenova says this about the Durham investigation:

I definitely think, by the way, that Mr. Durham is looking into this [FISA abuse and spying on the Trump team].  Because, oh let me tell you something.  Full throttle is my phrase for what John Durham is doing.  He’s full throttle.  Here’s the thing.  There are four FISA Court opinions from two Chief Justices of the FISA Court saying that the Obama Administration, FBI and DOJ, committed, violated the law and the Constitution by allowing databases at NSA about US persons to be searched.  No one knows what happened to that information.

The entire interview was excellent and worth your time.  God bless this great country!

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