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Citizen’s United President David Bossie Calls for Criminal Charges to be Filed Against Fired Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

Posted on 16 May 2020

Last November fired Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified before the Adam Schiff Ukrainian impeachment show trial in Washington DC.

Yovanovitch attacked President Trump for firing her but ADDED NOTHING to the conversation.
The fired ambassador even admitted that President Trump did nothing illegal in his call with the Ukrainian president.
Former Ambassador Yovanovitch did her best to damage Trump and prop herself up.

Following her testimony the fired ambassador stopped by a DC jazz club.
She was cheered like a hero by her fellow swamp creatures.
This was her moment to shine!

But now evidence came out this week that proves Yovanovitch lied during her testimony.

During her opening statement under oath before Congress Yovanovitch said the Obama administration never raised the issue of Burisma or Hunter Biden with her.

Now there is information that former Ambassador Yovanovitch lied under oath about Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden.

New documents show Ambassador Yovanovitch perjured herself in her impeachment testimony. The fired ambassador left out mention of Burisma meetings, numerous letters on Burisma. Fox News contributor John Solomon and Rep. Lee Zeldin joined Laura Ingraham for the discussion.

Now there are calls for charges to be filed against the fired ambassador for lying under oath during an impeachment investigation!

Just The News reported:

David Bossie, president of the influential conservative group Citizens United, says former U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch should face criminal referrals for perjury in connection with her testimony during last fall’s impeachment hearings.

“She should be made to answer for what she has done here,” Bossie, the deputy campaign manager for the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, said on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

Bossie pointed out that records recently obtained through the Freedom of Information Act reveal Yovanovitch’s knowledge of issues pertaining to Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings may have been more extensive than she admitted while testifying before the House Intelligence Committee impeachment inquiry chaired by California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff.

“In a normal, serious world,” said Bossie, “there should be a criminal referral from both the House Judiciary Committee or the House Intelligence committee as well as the Senate committees that oversee this because those are the ones that heard testimony, and there should be a criminal referral on perjury for Ambassador Yovanovitch, and she should be held accountable.”

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