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JUDICIAL WATCH: Strzok’s ‘Weiner Laptop Timeline’ Shows One Month Gap Between Hillary Clinton Email Discovery and Search Warrant

Posted on 26 March 2020

Graphic via Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch strikes again!

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch on Thursday announced it received 180 pages of communications between former FBI CI chief Peter Strzok and his paramour former FBI lawyer Lisa Page that shows a one month gap between when Hillary Clinton’s emails were discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop and search warrant.

Via Judicial Watch:

On November 3, 2016, Strzok sends an email to Page with a “weiner timeline.” The document shows that on September 28, 2016, the Assistant Director in Charge (ADIC) of the New York Office of the FBI reported “potential MYE-related material,” referring to Midyear Exam, which was the code name of the FBI’s Clinton email investigation. The timeline shows that not until October 30, almost a month after the discovery, was a search warrant for the emails obtained:

09/26/2016       NYO [New York Office] obtains SW [search warrant] for Weiner laptop

09/28/2016       ADIC NY notes potential MYE-related material following weekly SAC [Special Agent in Charge] SVTC [Secure Video Teleconference]

09/29/2016       Conference call between NYO and MYE team

· NYO notes processing is crashing system and not complete, but during troubleshooting observes material potentially related to MYE ( and domains) seen during course of review

·No numbers/volume available

·Discussion about ability to search for material determines such activity would be outside scope of warrant

·Request to NYO to gather basic facts (numbers, domains, etc) based on their review

Approx. 10/19/2016     NYO completes carving

NYO observes SBU [Sensitive but Unclassified] attachment

10/21/2016       6:00 PM DOJ/NSD advises MYE leadership that SDNY informed them of MYE-related media on Weiner media

10/25/2016       DOJ-DD conversation re material

10/26/2016       DOJ-MYE-NYO conference call

        DD advised of results of call with MYE team conclusion material should be looked at; DD directs briefing to D

10/27/2016       Briefing to D; D concurs with conducting investigation to obtain data

10/30/2016       SW [search warrantsworn out at SDNY

Copy of media obtained by MYE SAs [Special Agents], entered into evidence, and provided to OTD [Operational Technology Division] for processing

These new records show how Hillary Clinton was protected from investigation over the Weiner laptop by the FBI for a full month during the presidential campaign,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “And the documents further confirm that Strzok pushed Russia smears of Trump laundered through the media within the FBI. No wonder the FBI is slow rolling the release of these documents.”

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