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Venezuelan Tyrant Maduro Shifts Blame from His Abysmal Record – Accuses US of Failing in Its Policies In The World

Posted on 15 January 2020

by Venezuelan reporter Elda Primera

As was planned, Nicolás Maduro on Tuesday presented his annual address to the Constituent Assembly, where far from raising achievements made by his government, he made his speech again about accusing the United States government of being the real problem currently facing Venezuela.

Maduro dictator to ANC

EE:UU failing with its the policies in the world

Maduro said that with the resurgence of coercive measures taken from Washington, “It was thought that everything was ready for the final assault of Venezuela.” He stressed that they were useless because it resulted in a failure without mitigating the American empire.

The dictator again disqualified the Venezuelan opposition led by Juan Guaidó.  Maduro attacked Guaidó, highlighting his association with the US “empire.”  There are talks of a meeting to bring them together to join the planned agenda of parliamentary elections in 2020.

Maduro specified the need to do more for Venezuelans, but did not present any strategy or planning to achieve it. Also, he took advantage of his platform to urge “the United States can reinvent its relationship with the world and correct the dangerous course it has taken.”

Maduro attacked the US for threatening actions such as financial sanctions, denying climate change and pursuing illegal wars and military attacks that put the world in danger. In his view, the United States must stop criminalizing countries that do not bow down to its dominance.  Maduro repudiated the deepening relations between the most radical sector of the Venezuelan right and the White House.

On the other hand, a new session in the National Assembly is scheduled for today in which the two directives of the legislative body are expected to meet again, so deputy Ricardo Aponte said they are prepared to face the situation that arises.  He added that he feels ready to continue working in order to achieve the cessation of usurpation and free elections but that this should only happen with Maduro’s exit from power, for the Venezuelan people can no longer endure suffering driven by the regime.

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