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Roger Stone Wants to Know Why the Deep State Was Not Investigated and Prosecuted for Notifying CNN of His Arrest

Posted on 03 January 2021

Roger Stone and all Americans want to know why the Deep State Justice Department has not been investigated for notifying CNN of Roger Stone’s arrest ahead of time.

Roger Stone was with DJHJ Media and he discussed the events that led to his pardon from President Trump.  One thing that was important during this time was Stone’s arrest in Florida which aired live on CNN:

We reported in March 2020 that Roger Stone believed he had evidence that Andrew Weissmann was behind contacting CNN and notifying them of his arrest:

EXCLUSIVE: Mueller Crook Andrew Weissmann Was Behind Documents Illegally Released to the Press Before Roger Stone Was Even Indicted

DJHJ Media reports:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted Stone, claiming Stone was coordinating with Trump officials about “WikiLeaks’ stolen emails.”  Stone was convicted in a highly suspicious trial that smacked of a secret state and two-tiered justice system, punished with a circus media trial, bankrupted, denied access to his closest friends, gagged from addressing the corrupt media, denied work, and then Trump eventually pardoned Stone.

Now Stone is talking. He still wants to know why this matter was not investigated.  Americans should want to know, as well, because if it can happen like that to someone close to the President of the United States, it can happen to the least of us.

Written in 2019 and not answered yet, about what CNN knew of the arrest, “Therefore, Roger Stone, by counsel, requests a show cause order directed to the Office of the Special Counsel to show cause why contempt did not occur,” Grant Smith wrote on behalf of Stone.

It is unsettled still, the matter of the unjust televised raid by CNN on Stone’s home, showing his arrest.  Some question if there are legal consequences for what appears was leaked information to one media company.  Were those actions an infringement of Stone’s civil rights?

This is just one of many irregularities in the Stone case which was one of many irregularities involving the Justice Department and the FBI over the past few decades.  The current system of indicting conservatives and friends of President Trump while allowing criminal behavior like Hillary’s destruction of emails and phones, Weissmann’s destruction of phones and Biden’s actions in the 2020 election’s historic election fraud is repulsive to most Americans.

Americans want real justice.  Indicting those who leaked to CNN the arrest of Roger Stone is a good place to start.

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