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Uncle Jay Explains the News – August 3rd, 2009

Posted on 03 August 2009

Hey Media Circus fans! Happy Birthday Mr. President, even though you were really born on the International Space Station with the covert help of those who shot JFK from the off-site branch of Area 51 beneath Loch Ness. Also, Cash for Clunkers becomes Crash for Flunkers. Uncle Jay explains!

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – July 20th, 2009

Posted on 24 July 2009

Hey Media Circus fans!  Uncle Jay is back!   Everybody talked about Walter Cronkite, plus the historic landing on the moon (wink wink).  They’re just trying to get us ready for next month, when they won’t shut up about Woodstock.

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Government Motors presents the Chrysler Genericus!

Posted on 15 July 2009

A look at the future of Chrysler, and GM, and your future options as a car buyer. If I were you, I’d change oil regularly and keep the old jalopy maintained.

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – June 29th, 2009

Posted on 29 June 2009

Hey Media Circus fans! It’s time to sing America’s praises for the 4th! Unfortunately, Uncle Jay sings about the news instead. Ever since December’s year in review, fans have screamed for Uncle Jay to sing again. So by popular demand, here’s 2009 in review. How’s that for punctual?

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – June 1st, 2009

Posted on 05 June 2009

One big judging spectacle ends, another one begins. No Simon Cowell this time, just 100 Senators calling the tune. Plus, GM punches out, and Kim Jong Il punches out the UN. Uncle Jay explains it all!

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – April 13th, 2009

Posted on 15 April 2009

Socialism! You’re wrong if you think this word has anything to do with Facebook. Uncle Jay explains what socialism is, why it’s been in the news lately, and what to do if you get any on you.

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News Busted – 03/31/09

Posted on 01 April 2009

Topics in today’s show: — The Obama administration renames the war on terror — The Afghanistan surge — Earth hour — Rihanna and Chris Brown take a break

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – March 30th, 2009

Posted on 31 March 2009

Obviously, President Obama has been watching Uncle Jay. He’s started doing online videos to answer your e-mailed questions.

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SOLVED: What brought the plane down in the Hudson River

Posted on 22 January 2009

The terrorism suspects have been arrested and will be going to jail soon. Or maybe they’ll just be freed like the Gitmo prisoners.

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Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Posted on 06 November 2008

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

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Obama for Beginners

Posted on 29 October 2008

A nice-sounding bill called the ”Global Poverty Act,” sponsored by Barack Obama could result in the imposition of a global tax on the United States. The global-poverty initiative may come a surprise even for people who have paid attention to the race. Accuracy in Media covered it in February, when Democrats tried to move it out of committee

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Trick or Treat!

Posted on 25 October 2008

Sadly, this cartoon sums it all up.

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Uncle Jay Expalins the News – October 13th, 2008

Posted on 13 October 2008

It’s hard to know which is scarier: that America’s Economy has gone to the dogs, or that America’s Sweetheart is a Chihuahua. As usual, Uncle Jay fetches the best explanation, and keeps you from barking up the wrong tree.

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I’m Voting Democrat Because…

Posted on 09 October 2008

This year’s election is one of the most important elections of our times and it is up to each independent voter to become informed about the issues and stances on both sides of the presidential ticket.

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – Oct 9th, 2008

Posted on 07 October 2008

Our economy is saved! Think of the economy as a Damsel in Distress, and the government as a Handsome Prince on a Mighty Horse. Now, for a clue about how the government will handle this crisis, look directly underneath the horse. Uncle Jay explains it all, and of course includes O.J. Simpson.

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – Sept 29th, 2008

Posted on 29 September 2008

It’s the White House Cash House! The more you lose, the more you get! This week, Uncle Jay explains in great detail how the government bailout works.


NewsBusted – Presidential Football

Posted on 29 September 2008

Topics in today’s show: Who would you rather watch football with, Barack Obama or John McCain?; McCain compares himself to Jack Bauer; and P. Diddy unveils the “Starmaker” reality show.

NewsBusted – Palin’s Hacked Yahoo Account

Posted on 24 September 2008

Topics in today’s show: Someone hacks into Sarah Palin’s e-mail account; Time magazine accuses John McCain of running a racist ad; Al Qaeda finally releases a tape; and leftist comedian Sandra Bernhard attacks Sarah Palin.


Uncle Jay Expalins the News – Sept 22, 2008

Posted on 23 September 2008

In this special episode, he explains just how the economy works, and why it doesn’t work.


Some People will do Anything to get Elected!

Posted on 22 September 2008

Below are some great pictures from the Political Candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama.  If you find more you would like to see here, please contact us via U Report and provide a link to the picture.

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Presidential Candidate Gaffes

Posted on 17 September 2008

We’ll try and be fair and balanced on this issue and show the most common and written about gaffes from each candidate out there from John McCain to Barack Obama. We’ve compiled a few and found these to be the most interesting so far.

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – September 8th, 2008

Posted on 08 September 2008

It’s hard to explain a general election when it’s turned into General Hospital. Throw in a few hurricanes and Guitar Hero, and Uncle Jay has quite a job this week.

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Obambi vs. Putinzilla (Cartoon)

Posted on 05 September 2008

Mr Noel is a conservative political cartoonist who believes the cartoon arena has been dominated far too long by liberals.

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Uncle Jay Explains the News – September 1, 2008

Posted on 02 September 2008

Liberal. Conservative. Do they mean anything anymore? In this holiday rerun (but with 10 all-new seconds!), Uncle Jay explains the difference. Many politicians deny that they’re liberal when they really are, or brag that they’re conservative when they’re really not. But at least they can find some common ground and agree that they’re all lying.


Uncle Jay Explains the News: August 18, 2008

Posted on 27 August 2008

Uncle Jay has a quick congratulations for Michael Phelps, and then: Britney Spears! Paris Hilton! Barack Obama! John McCain! You’ll be thrilled to know that none of these people are in this week’s episode. We go straight to Men’s Synchronized Bombing, which Russia might sweep. Uncle Jay explains it all, and earns a Cement Medal.