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BRILLIANT! Senator Josh Hawley Went There — Asked Amy Coney Barrett About Hunter and Joe Biden’s Burisma Scandal (VIDEO)

Posted on 14 October 2020

Earlier today The New York Post dropped an October surprise on Joe Biden on Wednesday and the media hacks and tech giants are scrambling to run cover for crooked Joe and his crackhead son Hunter.

The New York Post reported Wednesday that a laptop computer abandoned at a Delaware repair shop contains emails between Hunter Biden and a senior Burisma adviser that indicate Hunter Biden arranged a meeting between his father then-Vice President Joe Biden and the adviser in Washington, D.C. in 2015.

During questioning on Wednesday Josh Hawley used the unbelievable scandal in questioning Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Senator Hawley asked Judge Amy Coney Barrett about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and their massive Ukrainian pay for play scandal.

Senator Hawley: This morning Senator Leahy asked you about the Foreign Emolument Clause. There allegations about foreign influence and since he asked you about it. He asked you if it was best described as an anti-corruption clause. You might remember that in terms of foreign influence and foreign interference. And he referenced the president and various allegations about foreign influence. Since he asked you about it and he asked about foreign influence in government I think it’s only fair to ask hypothetically, let’s a vice president of the United States who hypothetically had an alleged son who hypothetically worked for a foreign oligarch who then sold access to his father the vice president and his father then intervened in a case to make sure the oligarch wasn’t prosecuted. So the second question I would ask you is hypothetically would that constitute the kind of foreign interference the Constitution is concerned about?

Judge Barrett: I can’t answer hypotheticals.

Senator Hawley: Well I thought you might say that. And I’m glad you won’t because who knows that case may come before you.

The Republican House Judiciary Committee Republicans posted Hunter Biden story on their website since the tech giants have deleted links to the New York Post.

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