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DEBUT: Check Out Our NewsBusters Podcast with Tim Graham

Posted on 20 August 2020

Today we are launching a NewsBusters Podcast with Executive Editor Tim Graham to broaden our Campaign 2020 mission to expose, identify, and correct leftist media bias that distorts our elections.  In this pilot episode, Tim discusses how the Media Research Center crew analyzes the conventions as one of the pivotal moments of every presidential campaign, and then more broadly, denounces the dramatic, historic imbalance of TV news coverage of this oddly one-sided presidential campaign in general.   The latest MRC study of the three evening newscasts by Rich Noyes, from June 1 to July 31, is instructive. Rich found there were 668 evaluative statements on Trump, and 634 of them (95 percent) were negative. By comparison, how many statements evaluating Biden? Twelve, and only four were negative.  “When you look at the televised product, our televised election, Biden is almost absent,” Tim said, “at least up until this week.” He mentioned Jonah Goldberg attacking the Trump campaign at the end of May for claiming their opponent was the media, and not Biden. “If you took all these negative evaluations of Trump, and you tried to monetize them, this would be a massive expenditure, I mean, these people are a massive Evening News Super PAC for Biden. Trump is running against the news media. The media are his most dramatic obstacle.”  Tim also discusses the media’s adoration of Michelle Obama, and closes by noting just how radical the Biden-Sanders Democratic platform is, and why the media haven’t wanted to talk about it.  Please enjoy, and spread the word!