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Federal Government Reveals Public Records of Millions of Americans, Which May Expose Criminal Records… Enter Any Name

Posted on 18 July 2020

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I just ran this TruthFinder background report on myself and other people I know. I didn’t realize public records could uncover so much dirt. The information I found in just a few minutes of searching has changed how I’ll view my family, friends, and neighbors — forever.

Here’s what I found:

  • Someone living on my block has a criminal record for theft and vandalism. I really thought I knew him!
  • There is a group of sex offenders living close to each other just 1/2 mile down the road from me. The report even included their mugshots and why they’re on the sex offender registry. (I don’t want to repeat what they did here.)
  • I found the home address and email address of someone I lost contact with years ago.

And then I dug deeper. . .            

  • My wife’s ex-husband had legal actions taken against him that could have affected us (thankfully they didn’t)!
  • My best friend from high school is on the “Government Watch List”!                   

(WHAT?! I knew he had a temper. But I have no idea what this might be about.)


Now I see why everyone is buzzing about TruthFinder. It’s like having a private investigator who will dig up info on almost anybody you know in just a few minutes.       

What do public records reveal about you and the people you know?

Nobody likes being kept in the dark. But this tool can shed light on the people you interact with every day — and show you things they’d never admit to in a million years.

Frankly, I didn’t realize you could get all of this information without a security clearance of some sort.  

This is a way to help protect yourself and your family from threats.

    I suggest you do this for yourself and your family:            

  1. Go to this search page.
  2. Start with searching your own name.
  3. Get your personal report findings.
  4. Click around on the follow-on reports for family members, neighbors, etc.
  5. Then run searches on anyone close to your family (neighbors, friends, anyone who drives your kids, etc.)

You can never be “too safe” these days. This is just the tool you need to discover who might be a serious problem and who isn’t.

I think you’ll be as shocked as I was when I ran this report.

Happy hunting!

– Ed S. – 

The Beacon,


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