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Why we hate the Liberal Media

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All I can say is ‘Wow”. It looks like US Magazine decided to vote a little early. Can you believe this crap?

This is a perfect example how the liberal media bias promotes an unexperienced, unqualified and truly scandalous person into an office where he has no reason to remotely be… Not because he’s half black or half-African, it’s because he doesn’t have the basic fundamentals nor background to run our great country. Barack Obama’s character is at issue here because the people he hangs around with are full of radicalism or hate our great country.

Patriotic Americans should boycott the obvious bias in US Magazine and boycott it’s affiliates and advertisers.  What this cover should have showed is John Edwards and “Babies, Lies and Scandal” written across it… oh wait, we found the lost issue here that will never be published: