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Obama Economic Advisor Limits ‘White Male Construction Workers From Economic Stimulus Benefit

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Layoff notices don’t care what color your skin is, but the Obama Administration sure does. See what this revealing video shows about where your hard earned tax dollars will be going. Why does the Obama administration discriminate against anybody? Why are they discriminating against hard working white male construction workers?

See what Charlie Rangel and Robert Reich say about where your tax dollars should go… and why they -should- discriminate against white construction workers…

This is one compelling video that should get everyone stirred up — regardless of race.

Obama Bombshell ‘Redistribution of Wealth’ Audio Uncovered

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Listen to this 2001 interview in which Sen. Obama is clear that he supports ”redistributive change” and that one of the tragedies of the Warren Court was that it didn’t do more to help redistribute the nation’s wealth.

In a 2001 Interview, Barack Obama is quoted as saying ”it’s a tragedy that ‘redistribution of wealth’ not pursued by supreme court”.  What will he have in store for his presidency if if does become president of the United States?  Will we become the USSA (United Socialist States of America)?

In this audio clip below, you can hear for yourself what a Obama / Biden presidency would be like:

Interview: ‘Obama is Marxist’ Question Hits Home with Biden

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Yesterday when Joe Biden was interviewed by Barbara West of WFTV in Florida, he becomes very defensive at the tough questions most people want answered.  Especially if Barack Obama is a Marxist and if he really meant what he said to Joe the Plumber about ‘Spreading the Wealth Around ‘.  Shortly after the interview aired, the Obama campaign pulled all future interviews and has essentially ‘banned’ WFTV from any other coverage of the campaign essentially punishing them for asking the questions everyone wants answered.

Is this a sign for what might be coming in a Obama Biden presidency where they censor out and shun certain media outlets that either ask general questions or might disagree with their political views?  Sounds like forced communist TV to us.  Unfortunately as WFTV has found out, this is the case.  If Obama does become president, you will soon see a massive change in the way future ‘news’ is released, what is censored and what is allowed.  Not to mention, the Fairness Doctrine will bring our Comrades closer to pushing for communist radio as well.

See for yourself how Joe Biden reacts to the questions everyone wants answered:

UPDATED: Obama’s Tax Plan; Plumber gets Mocked by Obama!

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Obama Tells Over-Taxed Plumber He Wants More Taxes to Redistribute Wealth

Obama Plumbers Against Scroll to the bottom to see the UPDATE

Amazing as this is, Obama is caught on video telling a plumber that his business will be stifled because he wants to tax his business more and redistribute his profits to 40% of the Americans who do not pay taxes.

Keep in mind, this plumber — if having to pay more taxes — will kindly pass those new taxes down to the people that need his services… Thus, regardless if you’re not going to be hit by a tax increase, you’ll be paying more for goods and services going forward.

Truly amazing, the video tells all. Goodbye capitalism, hello socialism! There’s a pattern here .

Cavuto interviews the plumber, Joe Wurzelbacher:



Today, Obama goes after ‘Joe the Plumber’ and small business by mocking him at a campaign rally while fellow Obama supporters laugh and giggle.. mocking small business and entrepreneurs.  We at MediaCircus.com deeply feel sorry for Joe and what the Liberal media is putting him through now.



John McCain is Fightin’ for the Working Man… (or woman ).

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