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Full Impact of Ike Still not Known

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Area politicians said it would take days to assess the damage to lives and property, but it appeared that the hurricane would become the most punishing storm to hit the area since Hurricane Alicia 25 years ago.

At least 100,000 homes were inundated by surging waters, while isolated fires broke out around the region when trees and flying objects fell on electrical transformers, causing sparks.

More than three million customers in Texas and thousands more in Louisiana lost power, The Associated Press reported. In Houston, only the downtown area and the medical center section had power.

“It’s going to be weeks before we get power to the last customers,” said Mike Rodgers, a spokesman for Entergy Texas, the primary electricity provider between Houston and the Louisiana border. Mr. Rodgers said the damage to the electric grid was much more widespread than Hurricane Rita, which hit the area in 2005.

Centerpoint, another major provider, also predicted that repairs could take weeks. Mayor Bill White of Houston said on local television: “This is going to be a time of testing. This is a time for neighbors to help neighbors.”

Hurricane Ike Will Strike Tonight!

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Ike is on a collision course for the upper Texas coast, with landfall forecast for early on Saturday morning between Sargent and Galveston. If Ike maintains that track, Galveston and Houston will be in the potentially lethal northeast quadrant of the storm.

While the Galveston Bay area faces the potential of widespread devastation, Ike will spread destructive wind, rain and a storm surge more than 200 miles from its center.

Uncle Jay Explains the News – September 8th, 2008

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Gulf Coast is in Extreme Danger from Gustav

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The highest risk for a direct landfall from Gustav lies from Houston, Texas, to Mobile, Ala. All interests along the Gulf Coast should monitor the progress of Gustav as that threat zone is not definite.

The South Regional News story reports conditions will begin to deteriorate along the central Gulf Coast starting on Monday.

Heavy rain, strong winds and pounding surf could batter the Gulf Coast for a prolonged period of time if a strong area of high pressure to the north slows Gustav’s forward speed around the time of landfall.

Federal, state and local officials are already taking precautions for those areas being threatened along the central Gulf Coast. The Associated Press reported the governors of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas have each declared a state of emergency. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal also asked President Bush on Thursday to declare the state a disaster area.

Louisiana activated 5,000 National Guardsmen Wednesday and Thursday. Jindal ordered 1,500 of those men and women to be sent to New Orleans today.

New Orleans’ Mayor Ray Nagin stated that an evacuation order was likely for the city, but would not take place until Saturday. Jindal, however, declared residents south of New Orleans may be asked to evacuate as soon as today.

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