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Black Panthers Intimidating Voters in PA

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Already today, we’ve seen multiple instances of Black Panthers and wanna-be Black Panthers intimidating people (especially little old ladies) from voting in Pennsylvania to Tennessee.

This hasn’t been limited to a single polling location, nor apparently a single state. The video below shows the nightstick-wielding man from the FOX news report, and there have been reports of Black Panther wannabes intimidating voters from as far away as Tennessee.

Is this what Sen. Obama was referring to when he boasted of a civilian homeland defense force during his campaign?

FOX News is reporting that two men dressed in Black Panther attire were blocking the entrance to a Pennsylvania polling location this morning, with one brandishing a nightstick. Poll watchers inside the building had reportedly been told not to let anybody in because “the black man is going to win no matter what.

A Republican volunteer called the police, who removed the man with the nightstick. When FOX News arrived, the remaining man in Black Panther garb, who is reportedly an authorized poll watcher, accused FNC of intimidating voters, according to reporter Rick Leventhal, “because we were here with a camera and microphone.”

Police used to be stationed at polling locations to prevent intimidation and fraud; however, as John Fund mentioned in today’s Wall Street Journal , the all-caring Government (with assistance from left-wing advocacy groups) has since seen to it that police no longer appear at the polls because they “are now viewed as intimidating.”

Black Panthers though? They’re not intimidating at all .

Election Journal has posted additional video of the Black Panthers providing ‘security’ at a Philadelphia polling place. This shows the police arriving and escorting ‘security’ away from the polling station: