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New National Security law to protect Democracy

Posted on 13 January 2021

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New National Security law to protect Democracy

Nancy Pelosi explains the new National Security law to protect Democracy.
Dateline, Washington, D.C. - The US House of Representatives has passed a sweeping national security law, a controversial move that will effectively criminalize acts that endanger the Constitution and Democracy.

Congress has defended the law by arguing such a measure is needed to restore stability to the nation, which has been rocked by violent protests stemming from the impeached Donald Trump’s incitement of mobs to insurrection. The new national security law is based on the Chinese National Security law Beijing enacted to restore law in Hong Kong after violent protests threatened the lawful government and security of civil order there.

Under the new national security law those charged with crimes that threaten Democracy and lawful order will be brought to Washington, D.C. for trial.

“The new national security law will give President Biden the tools he needs to protect Democracy against the growing threats to Democracy,” said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in a press conference for Democracy and national unity. read more ... Statistics : 1 Post || 90 Views Post by Margaret