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Unhinged John Cusack: Trump Is like Hitler, Pence Can Go to Hell

Posted on 07 October 2020

John Cusack is at it again, attacking Trump and his administration with both guns blazing. Unfortunately for him, his guns are misfiring.  An article on reported that Cusack “compared President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler in a new interview, specifically when it comes to the art of politics.”  Yup, we’re all just waiting for Trump to march on Poland. We hear that if the president defeats Biden in the election, children will be forced to join a new organization called the “Trump Youth.”  Continuing his criticism of Trump, Cusack stated that “The first time he tore a child away from their mother’s arms and put them in a cage, this wasn’t a reality TV show anymore. This was real fascism.” “Real” fascists don’t usually tolerate political dissenters, Cusack. “Real” fascists imprison political dissenters. And anyway, Cusack supports a candidate that advocates tearing a child apart in a womb, so who is he to talk about tearing children away from their mothers? Cusack regularly tweets and retweets similar verbal attacks at Trump and his administration on Twitter. For example, Senator Kamala Harris’ campaign team requested that plexiglass barriers be erected around her and Vice President Mike Pence during their debate tonight to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (anyone thinking of the Cone of Silence from Get Smart right now?). Pence’s Chief of Staff, Mark Short, replied that the Vice President did not need a barrier since it was deemed ineffective in lessening the spread of the disease, though they said that Harris could keep her barrier up (imagine how ridiculous she’d look on stage). John Cusack’s response, as was tweeted yesterday: “Gosh maybe he can go straight to hell ?” Cursing people for not wanting to be encased in plexiglass is inappropriate, but Cusack seems to live in mortal fear of the virus, so it’s to be expected that he’d easily snap over the behavior of people who are cautious but not terrified of the disease. Pence’s opinion may be incorrect, and for the terrified Cusack, that’s enough to merit eternal damnation. Cusack has shown what kind of a person he is on Twitter. Who would want to be supported by this guy?