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Sidney Powell Warns “Another Truth Bomb” Dropping Shortly in Flynn Case (VIDEO)

Posted on 06 October 2020

Flynn attorney Sidney Powell appeared on The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing persecution of General Mike Flynn.

At the end of her interview, Sidney Powell said a “truth bomb” in Flynn’s case will be dropping shortly.

“We want to talk to you some more about what’s going on with General Flynn’s case. It seems to be in abeyance until after the election — it looks like that, right?” Fox Business host Liz MacDonald said.

“Oh, no. There will be another little truth bomb coming shortly,” Sidney Powell said.


The Department of Justice dropped their case against General Michael Flynn months ago in May after it was acknowledged that the general was set up by federal operatives.

General Flynn was and is an innocent man.

But the Clinton-appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan made a dirty, political move to delay justice for Flynn.

Sullivan solicited amicus briefs and appointed retired Clinton appointee judge John Gleeson to argue against the government’s motion to dismiss the charge against Flynn!

Sullivan essentially appointed Gleeson to act as a shadow prosecutor when he does not authority to do so.

Last month the corrupt DC Court ruled in favor of Judge Emmet Sullivan.

Judge Emmett Sullivan announced he will push his “resolution” against General Michael Flynn until AFTER THE ELECTION!

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