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Discover Rare Wine Recommended by America’s Top Wine Explorer

Posted on 06 October 2020

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In the shadow of the Andes mountains… lost in a series of hidden valleys… a brotherhood of winemakers has spent the past 200 years perfecting a rare type of extreme altitude malbec.

Not only is the flavor one-of-a-kind – leather, smoke, and black cherry…

But this wine also contains resveratrol levels up to 10 TIMES that of other wines.

It’s also unfiltered. And fermented with indigenous, natural yeast.

You won’t find it any supermarket… or even the fanciest fine wine shop or restaurant.

Yet, today you can receive $60 OFF a bottle of this extreme altitude malbec (grapes from 8,950 ft) – along with two other high altitude malbecs from the shadow of the Andes.

Click here to see our inventory.

Will Bonner, Founder, Bonner Private Wine Partnership

P.S. Yield from these extreme altitude vineyards is about a third of those lower in altitude. So supplies are limited. Checking our inventory is completely free. Click here…

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