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Ted Malloch: HAPPY NEW YEAR — It’s 1984 All Over Again!

Posted on 31 December 2019

Sometimes history just, well — repeats itself.

I am not going out on a limb to predict that this new year,  2020 is going to end up looking a lot like 1984.

Do you agree?

We may be in the midst of a tragic impeachment hoax that will tear the country apart and eventually conclude with complete exoneration for the President after the meaningless partisan vote in the House and coming complete vindication in the Senate.

Not to worry.

America is strong and our President did nothing wrong and surely, committed no crimes.

The only crime he DID was to beat the crooked Dems in 2016 and expose their racket, the deep state, pay to play schemes, and to begin to make America GREAT again.

For that, they HATE him, regardless what the faux prayerful, Speaker Ms. Reverend Pelosi and her so solemn congregation says.

They hate him because he beats them, and they have no way to win, even with 24 candidates competing.

Ronald Reagan perhaps, said it best, “America’s future rests in a thousand dreams inside your hearts. It rests in the message of hope in songs so many Americans admire.”

He knew that it would soon be “Morning in America” again.

He embodied it himself, in mind, body and spirit.

That year was 1984 and I was proud to be a young foot soldier in his political army.

Recall, in 1984, the 50th quadrennial presidential election held on Tuesday, November 6th, we witnessed a true miracle.

Incumbent Ronald Reagan defeated former Vice President Walter Mondale in the largest electoral college landslide victory in all of US history.

It was 525 to 13.

Reagan had a superbly strong economy, a recovery from the earlier stagflation and the 1982 recession.

National and international events demonstrated a dramatic revival of American power.

Confidence had returned after Carter’s “malaise” and our prestige was high.

Reagan took on our enemies, both foreign and domestic, and stood up to the evil Soviet empire.

I can attest that seventeen times, the US State Department (who always thinks they know better), took the line, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall,” out of his speech that day in Berlin.

On the way to the very event, the US Ambassador said to him – “you really can’t say that.”

He did.

The fancy pants economists, all trained at Harvard, MIT and Yale, likewise said, his supply side economics was not going to work. Their hyped-up academic models proved so.

It did.

In that election, Reagan won just short of 60 per cent of the popular vote and carried 49 of the 50 states.

The battle: liberal vs. conservative pitted one side against the other.

He won that ideological fight, as well.

It was Republican Red from coast to coast, and everywhere in-between.

Our Ronnie stemmed the march of leftist progressivism, the culture war, and made an outsized mark on history.

And remember, the Dems absolutely detested Ronnie.

They loathed him and his lovely bride, Nancy, just like they do Donald and first lady, Melania.

They made fun of Reagan constantly, called him a “cowboy”, “trigger happy,” and said he was brain dead—just a B movie actor.

But the Gipper showed them.

2020 will repeat 1984.

With an all-time performing economy and America strong in the world, not Obama apologetic, Peace & Prosperity will win out over identity politics and crazy woke socialism in 2020.

Donald Trump will win a huge electoral landslide slapping the demon Democrats, who are not democratic at all – right in the face.

They will be so stunned; they nay never recover.

Like Reagan, it will be an electoral college landslide made even bigger by the unlawful and dishonest ways of the dubious impeachment Party.

Under Trump we are “Prouder, Stronger, Better” to borrow a phrase from the successful Reagan campaign playbook.

In our new book, out shortly that you can pre-order. we predict NINE great things that will happen in Trump’s second glorious term, working to Keep America Great. 

It will truly be Trump’s World.


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