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Trump: Republicans Have to ‘Get Tougher and Fight’ Against Impeachment

Posted on 21 October 2019

President Donald Trump is urging Republicans to “get tougher” and fight harder against the efforts to impeach him.

The president also said that Never-Trump Republicans might be “worse” than Democrats.

Speaking at a Cabinet meeting, the Hill reports that Trump praised the fact that Democrats stick together and defend each other, while Republicans lack that unity.

“The two things they have: They’re vicious and they stick together,” he said of Democrats. “They don’t’ have Mitt Romney in their midst. They don’t have people like that.” 

“And Republicans have to get tougher and fight,” he continued. “We have some that are great fighters, but they have to get tougher and fight because the Democrats are trying to hurt the Republican party for the election, which is coming up, where we’re doing very well.”

When asked to elaborate on how he wants people to fight, he noted that the Democrats are “vicious.”

“I think the Democrats fight dirty. I think the Democrat are lousy politicians with lousy policy,” he said.

Speaking about “Never-Trump” Republicans, Trump said that they might be worse than Democrats, but that “the good news is they’re dying off fast.”

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