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RUSH LIMBUAGH Goes Off on FOX News: They Should Change their name to “FOX Never Trumper Network”

Posted on 02 October 2019

Legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh went off today on FOX News after another day of Never-Trumpers attacking President Trump and refusing to defend the US president from the flimsy accusations by Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and a partisan CIA “whisleblower.”

Rush must be tired with the BS on FOX News — so much so that he told the channel to change its name to “FOX Never Trumper Network.”

If FOX News is listening to liar Paul Ryan then they are going to lose their audience.

Via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

We’ve even got Never Trumpers now all over Fox News, “Well, this phone call is very hard to defend. I wouldn’t want to have to defend this phone call. If I were the Republicans, I wouldn’t want…” There’s nothing hard to defend about the phone call! You just don’t want to defend it! You know, Fox really ought to change the name of the network from the Fox News Channel to the Fox Never Trumper Network, because that’s who’s getting the highlights, and they’re bringing in Democrats like Donna Brazile.

What do you mean, “The phone call’s hard to defend”? The phone call’s not hard to defend, and Trump isn’t hard to defend! But if Trump is hard to defend, what about conservatism, you Never Trumpers? Can you defend that? Do you not understand that conservatism’s under assault? You may not be because you’re renouncing conservatism to sidle up with these guys that you don’t want to be criticized by. So you’d rather be friends with these nincompoops on the left than have to defend your own side and defend your own beliefs!

These Never Trumpers can’t even defend their own beliefs because Trump happens to hold them. So they can’t defend basic conservatism because Trump is implementing it, and they so despise Trump for whatever inane reasons that they can’t even defend what they always have believed! Can’t defend the phone call? The only way you can’t defend the phone call is if you happen to believe the way Adam Schiff characterized it. There is nothing against the law in asking for help in pursuit of corruption!

There is a joint treaty between the United States and Ukraine signed by Bill Clinton back in 1999. You could say, if you wanted to go this route, that Trump was simply enforcing and behaving according to the law. We have a mutual treaty to investigate corruption with Ukraine, a joint treaty between the United States and Ukraine. But everybody knows what Trump was doing on that phone call. This is another thing. Trump was asking the president of Ukraine for help in the ongoing investigation into what they tried to do to Trump in 2016!

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