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EXCLUSIVE: Newly Released FBI Document Dump Shows Hillary Had Two IPads But Only Turned Over One to FBI!

Posted on 08 October 2019

Hillary Clinton did not hand over one of her iPads requested by the FBI in their investigation related to her email abuse in 2015.  This was uncovered from documents released by the FBI late last week. 

FOX News reported late last month –

As extensively reported by Fox, Clinton would often task aides including Monica Hanley with finding and supplying the secretary of state’s never-ending demand to use non-secure BlackBerrys for all her official government work. Some of Clinton’s BlackBerrys wound up being pounded with hammers on orders by Huma Abedin after Clinton’s homebrew servers went down or when news that Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal’s email had been hacked in 2013 by the Romanian hacker known as “Guccifer”—Marcel Lehel Lazar.

The new documents offer a glimpse into the lawyering ballet inside the Beltway—as this surrendering of two BlackBerrys and one iPad by her private attorneys occurred just six days before Hillary Clinton, then the leading Democratic nominee for president, testified before Congress on Oct. 22, 2015 about the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

But per a another document dump released late last week, we now know that one of Hillary’s iPad’s was not provided to the FBI.  One document shows notes from an FBI agent during an apparent interview with former Hillary aid Monica Hanley.  In the notes Monica Hanley was the recipient of Clinton’s old iPad. She used it for a year. She ‘thinks’ she wiped the iPad before she got it, but the iPad was still showing up as being Clinton’s iPad –

According to the notes, the iPad was requested and returned to Hillary in October 2015, the same time that Hillary was appearing before Congress regarding her (non) actions in Benghazi which resulted in the deaths of four Americans in 2012.  But according to prior reports Hillary only handed over one iPad to the FBI.  Where is the other and which iPad was turned over?

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