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Tommy Robinson’s Spokesperson: Reports That He Was Assaulted in Prison Are Fake News

Posted on 21 July 2019

A report from the Daily Star claiming that Tommy Robinson was assaulted in prison shortly after his arrival is fake news, according to the spokesperson for the imprisoned independent journalist and activist.

The report claims that Robinson was punched by a 70-year-old inmate in the showers when he first arrived at Belmarsh prison.

“Sources have said that Robinson strutted into prison acting ‘like a celebrity’ but was soon being abused by black, white and Asian inmates,” the report claimed.

The Star continued on to claim that the assault was not over his political views, but because he was acting important.

“It is understood that Robinson ­accused another inmate of ‘disrespecting’ him when they bumped into each other in the shower block,” the report continued.

The outlet claimed to have spoken to an inmate, who said Robinson was dropped with one punch — but no prison report was made because “only inmates saw it.”

The story has spread to multiple outlets, even as far as Australia, where journalists are republishing the story without fact checking.

However, the spokesperson for Robinson and his family, Avi Yemini, told The Gateway Pundit that the report is false.

“Our team has spoken to Tommy and confirmed it is categorically untrue,” Yemini said.

Yemini also posted a video blasting the report to Robinson’s website,

“For his own protection, Tommy Robinson has been in complete isolation since arriving at Belmarsh prison. Robinson has not seen another prisoner, let alone been showering with other inmates,” Yemini wrote. “This story is completely fake news.”

“It’s clear they’re glorifying a violent assault on Tommy Robinson designed only to desensitise the public in case his murdered in there,” Yemini asserted. “They don’t want you to care.”

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