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Selective Prosecution Remains Hallmark of Mueller Investigation

Posted on 31 May 2019

When “SILENT BOB” broke his silence at a hastily organized press conference a few days ago, he didn’t do himself any favors proving that his nearly two year long prosecutionof Trump and those in his orbit was an unbiased operation.

As we are all aware, he used his role as a special counsel to investigate Russian collusion which he reportedly learned never happened early on in his investigation, instead using unchecked supreme power to subpoena and grand jury major players who helped get Donald Trump elected over the immensely corrupt Hillary Clinton.

Mainstream media and Democrats cheered the endless harassment thrown upon Trump allies by Mueller’s team of prosecutors, most of whom had close ties to the Democrat party power structure and Hillary Clinton. In any other case, these conflicts of interest would have rendered the investigation and its fruits null and void.

The Federalist chronicled all of the abuses of power, highlighting several instances of selective prosecution where Mueller’s team charged Trump allies with crimes that they watched Clinton allies commit. Applying the law equally was never the mission of Mueller’s investigation. It was meant to cripple Trump’s presidency and provide Democrats in Washington DC with an endless number of fantastical rabbit holes of nothingness to dive down in hopes of proving Trump colluded with the Russian state.

“Mueller’s performance made it clear for all to see that what he ran for the last two years wasn’t an independent investigation pursuant to the rule of law so much as an inquisition motivated by political animus. Mueller and his team refused to charge prominent Democrats for crimes he charged against Republicans. Paul Manafort was charged with unregistered lobbying for foreign governments, while Mueller left alone long-time Democrat donor Tony Podesta and former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig.”

Case in point? Mueller’s game of not being able to bring charges but not being able to exonerate Trump either. Isn’t that the point of investigations… to bring charges or dismiss allegations of wrongdoing?

His jackboot raid and early morning arrest of Roger Stone really demonstrates exactly why the investigation should have been have never gotten off the ground in the first place. Stone stands accused of making false statements to congress, so Mueller sent in a heavily armed strike-force with dozens of commandos to apprehend a peaceful 66-year old man? Prior to the raid the streets were cleared, with CNN granted access by the government to live-stream a propaganda style production that Joseph Goebbels would be proud of.

Other Trump allies were also charged with similar charges, except with making false statements to federal investigators. But what about Clinton campaign aides Glenn Simpson and infamous dossier peddler Christopher Steele who made false statements to congress and the FBI?

“George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn were charged with making false statements to federal investigators, while Clinton campaign cronies Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele’s false statements to Congress and the FBI were ignored. Trump’s nonexistent Russian connections were plumbed while a dubious Clinton campaign-funded dossier sourced directly to Russian officials was used as a prosecutorial roadmap rather than rock-solid evidence of actual campaign collusion with the Kremlin. Mueller claimed his report spoke for itself, then put together a completely unnecessary press conference more than a month after his report’s public release, in which he not just spoke for the report, but expounded on the new legal standards he created to govern its conclusions.”

Deranged former CIA Director John Brennan also spends time lecturing us about how evil or treasonous Trump and his allies are on the cable news circuit. He gets even crazier on his Twitter feed. Again though, Brennan’s role as a proponent of his pal Robert Mueller’s tactics call in to question why Brennan was never charged for lying to congress?

As per the Washington Examiner…

“From spying on the U.S. Senate, to lying repeatedly about spying on the U.S. Senate, to supporting torture programs until they were no longer politically expedient, to lying about drone war kills, Brennan would do better to leave the ethics lectures to the ethical.”

And Brennan’s role in the spreading of the dossier and his Obama-era role in the intelligence community also offering disturbing looks into how top-cops like Mueller can behave on a lower moral and ethical level than a corrupt mob boss.

With Mueller’s investigation having finally reached it’s conclusion after 18 months of harassment and mountains of dishonest doublespeak, the bad guys are scared. They are on the run. Mueller refuses to testify publicly before congress and intelligence assets like Brennan who were involved in passing the dossier or illegal spying on a candidate for president are losing their gourds on the fake news circuit or through cuckoo tweetstorms.

Roger Stone addressed this in a recent post on Instagram, busting Brennan in particular for spewing a BS reason why he and others cannot be called to testify. He claims it would put our national security at risk!

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When the intelligence agencies and the Democrats say that the declassifying of information regarding the origins of the Trump/Russia investigation will “ hurt national security” and “expose their sources and methods “what they really mean is that such declassification will expose their criminal conduct in the fabrication of the rationale for the Trump Russia investigation. The counter intelligence investigation into Trump and Russia was predicated on the Steele dossier in the action of FBI informants who reached out to low-level Trump campaign operatives. There was no other basis which to base on the FISA warrants- and yes there are more than just the Carter Page warrant .Criminal psychopath Brennan Is trying to mount this phony “ national security” defense because he knows he is busted and they are coming for him. @realdonaldtrump should fire both FBI Director Wray and DNI Director Coats For parroting this transparent lie #justice #maga

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You can help Roger fight back to make sure people like John Brennan, and all others who benefited from the preferential treatment from Robert Mueller, by donating to his defense fund at STONEDEFENSEFUND.COM

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