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Kelsey Grammer Praises Trump For ‘Disrupting The Fabric,’ Rips ‘Bunch Of Clowns’ Running Washington

Posted on 16 May 2019

Hollywood is swarming with liberals. In fact, if you’re even slightly conservative, you can be blackballed and shunned by the moneymen who make movies and TV shows.

But Kelsey Grammer doesn’t care about stuff like that.

The actor who played Frasier on Cheers and later his own TV show just tells it like it is.

During an interview on PBS, Grammer praised President Trump and ripped what he called the “bunch of clowns” who run the nation’s capital.

In the interview, Grammer was asked about Trump “disrupting the fabric” of the swamp that is Washington, D.C., to which he replied: “Well, I think fabric being disrupted is a good thing.”

And on the career politicians who run the city, Grammer said they’re all “unpleasant people.”

“I don’t think Washington didn’t do us any favors for the last 50, 60 years, I think they’ve all been sort of the same party, the same bunch of clowns, the same bunch of really unpleasant people. And I don’t think they’ve been helping anybody but themselves,” he said.

But Grammer said he hasn’t seen any fallout for his sometimes conservative-leaning views.

“I’m respected in the industry,’ Grammer said, adding, “I am probably reviled in some of the back channels. … I’m not aware of taking a hit for it, but now certainly passions run high, and certainly [Trump] has touched on an extraordinarily passionate response.” he said.

Trump, he said, is “doing what he said he was going to do.”

“He’s a bit of a loudmouth, and he does shake things up, he promised a few things that I thought, ‘maybe he can get that done, maybe he can’t get that done.’ Donald Trump just won in a way, in a world where nobody thought he would. And so there’s just anger – it’s filled with anger now.”

And Grammer said things aren’t as bad as the mainstream media makes them out to be.

“I don’t know if it’s as serious or horrible as everybody wants it to be.”



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