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Broccoli futures up sharply

Posted on 02 December 2018

People's Blog
Broccoli futures up sharply

From The People's News:

Broccoli futures rose sharply Saturday in off-hours trading on the news of US former President George H. W. Bush having died.

US commodities traders expect a long-depressed broccoli market to return now that no one important is saying any more that he doesn't like broccoli.

We sent a reporter out to Tractor Barn #2 to ask if some of next year's beet acreage will instead be planted to broccoli to meet increased demand, but no one would talk to us. Our reporter was told, through a crack in the door, that Comrade Stakhanovets was "unavailable for comment" while our reporter could hear a loud voice inside yelling "YOU CAN'T MAKE VODKA OUT OF THAT STUFF!"

No one was at any of the other tractor barns. Apparently they were all having a meeting somewhere.

That is all we know at this juncture. We will update this story if more information comes available. read more ... Statistics : 3 Replies || 560 Views Post by Mikhail Lysenkomann