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Behind the scenes of Mueller’s investigation

Posted on 06 December 2018

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Behind the scenes of Mueller's investigation

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In a rare appearance Donald Trump and Michael Cohen gather to hear directly from Mueller about his latest bombshell.

Mueller: I’ve got great news.

Trump/Cohen: What?

Mueller: Oh, not for you. Don’t be silly. It’s just that I’m so giddy over this bombshell that only took two years and millions of dollars to uncover. Let me first say though that this officially puts whipped cream AND a cherry on top of my hard work and coercion!

Trump: That’s great. That’s really terrific. I’ll take two scoops, hold the whipped cream.

Mueller: Mr. Cohen, you sir, claimed the Moscow hotel discussions with Russians ended in January 2016. But … (dramatic pause, dramatic lighting, foreboding music), it actually ended … six months later. Ah ha! Gotcha!

Cohen: OOOOkaaaaay. But I kept Trump informed all along.

Trump: Uh-uh

Cohen: Uh-huh

Trump: Uh-uh

Cohen: Uh-huh

Trump: You’re a weak person, very weak, tremendously weak. And a liar, what a liar.

Cohen: Wait a second, everyone relax, including the doberman in the corner. Meeting with Russians, even in June, wasn’t a crime.

Mueller: Oh but you lied to Congress about it. And that entitles me to the really really good news. Step over here. You’ll note a wide assortment of thumbscrews, whips, a restraining chair, and a complete set of dental tools. Unfortunately the rack’s out for service. Papadopoulos threw up all over it.

Cohen: What’s behind door number two?

Mueller: You get Borked or Kavanaughed. ... read more ... Statistics : 1 Post || 219 Views Post by Confederacy of Drones