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2018 Award Nominations

Posted on 02 December 2018

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2018 Award Nominations

For a complete list of nominees and awards see Confederacy of Drones.
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It's time to recognize politicians and celebrities who outdid themselves in 2018. Nominations have been made to honor those who distinguished themselves in a manner deserving of outward ridicule.Without further delay, here are the 2018 award categories and our (incomplete) list of nominees.

  • The Disappearing Statesman Award – Paul Ryan
  • The I’m Not Too Old for Politics Award – Nancy Pelosi
  • The Tact Award – Donald Trump
  • The My God This World Seems Upside Down Award – Antifa Movement
  • The Comeback of the Year Award – Mitt Romney
  • A Lifetime Achievement Award (Sleazy Politics category) – Bill Clinton
  • The Confused About The Meaning of the Word Journalist Award – Jim Acosta
  • The Remember When Religious Figures were Concerned With Religious Matters – Pope Francis
  • The All Republicans Really are Racists Award – Michael Moore
  • The Most Likely to get Lost on the DC Subway Award – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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