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Announcing: The Legion of Hysterical Fools

Posted on 10 November 2018

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Announcing: The Legion of Hysterical Fools

I am pleased to announce that the Party, in its wisdom, has decided to create a new legion of merit to join the Long March to the Glorious World of New Tuesday.

Lenin had his Useful Idiots.

We have our Hysterical Fools.

And to recognize the greatest of these masters of unfounded outrage and fantasy accusation, the Party has inaugurated the Legion of Hysterical Fools.

Each week, we will accept nominations for this great honor. Keep an eye to the ground and an ear on the horizon to locate the most Progressive Prog and lodge your nomination here on this thread. Look for the Prog with the highest level of unreasonable outrage, the most willful misunderstanding, the wildest conspiracy, the thinnest skin. These are the things that win voters' hearts, and are far more effective than a coherent policy or a reasoned argument. These are the things we need to reward and encourage.

Then tune in next Saturday, when we will review the nominees and select the newest inductee to this prestigious new award.

Votes will be tabulated by Broward County's own Brenda Snipes to make sure the count is speedy and accurate.

Winners will have their names engraved on a special plaque that shall be affixed to the door of the outhouse behind Tractor Barn #2 for all to see.

Just to kick things off, here is the first nominee for the first week: Hulu talk-show host Sarah Silverman.

On a recent appearance on Bill Maher's HBO program, Silverman remarked that she was surprised that Donald Trump, the president who moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem and whose family includes Jewish children and grandchildren, is such a Nazi that she is surprised he does not force her to sew a Star of David ... read more ... Statistics : 2 Post || 87 Views Post by Ivan Betinov