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A Lesson in Satire

Posted on 10 November 2018

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A Lesson in Satire

Ok, a serious post that won't become serious anymore thanks to the potential comments, I know.

I remember my friend Al-Blogunov posting a post about how satire is endangered. He's got a point I want to go over in mine that I didn't feel he sufficiently elaborate enough, and tell you what you can make of what he, and I agree on.

There was a time when satire was just satire, a joke about things we liked, an ironic way to criticise society's ills, and a reminder to not go to places we didn't/shouldn't want to go.

Not anymore, instead every time somebody makes a joke thinking people aren't ridiculous enough to actually do it, somebody actually, unironically, takes it up as fact, not as then they think that that person actually means that, but they themselves, actually, unironically, believe, and live by it.

This is the reason why when I write satire as a post/comment, I use an unironic tone that makes it sound like I actually believe in it, and that's why I'm mildly annoyed when someone points out that it's satire, because it disrupts the unironic tone. If the real world is stupid/ridiculous enough to believe in something that is clearly a joke, then by saying the joke unironically to the point that it sounds like you believe in it allows you to have the last laugh.

And that is the lesson in satire I hope you all learned today. read more ... Statistics : 2 Post || 106 Views Post by The People's Anthony Sullivan