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Midterm 2018 ARIZONA – McSally vs. Sineca: Two Women from Two Different Worlds

Posted on 11 October 2018

The Arizona Senate seat pits two women against each other that couldn’t be MORE different.

A solid conservative Republican in the Arizona tradition and a FAR LEFT Democrat contest the open seat.

Martha McSally a Republican is pitted against Kyrsten Sinema a Democrat.

This is the seat Sen. Jeff Flake has vacated when he decided not to run again.

McSally has a slight lead but pollsters consider the race a toss-up.

It shouldn’t be.

President Trump needs McSally.

He called her “an extraordinary woman and a very talented fighter jet pilot. “ She is a respected member of the US Congress.

McSally is strong on crime.
She is strong on the 2nd Amendment.
She backs the military.
She is a Vet.

Kyrsten Sinema is on the other hand a Democrat activist.

Elected to Congress in 2012, she actually began her career as a Green Party agitator and worked on Ralph Nader’s presidential campaign.

She has labored for the adoption of the DREAM Act and is pro-illegal immigration.

Raised a Mormon, she has given up the faith and is now nonreligious.

She openly criticizes capitalism.

She called America fascist and President Bush an imperialist.


Sinema’s voting record is 75% of the time in favor of the Party of Pelosi.

She has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood.

She wants strict gun control, Obama care and open borders.

This could not be a more clear-cut choice.

McSally is a true American hero. Sinema is anti-American.

Make McSally the next US Senator form Arizona.

Make this viral in all of Arizona.

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